Fans Hedge Bets With Theories on Who Will Die in Stranger Things 4 Vol. 2

Fans Hedge Bets With Theories on Who Will Die in Stranger Things 4 Vol. 2

Stranger Things season 4 lived up to the fans’ expectations and more. Volume 1 had everything from horror to comedy to the sweet coming-of-age moments for the Hawkins gang. It introduced the most powerful villain of all time with almost the same abilities as Eleven. With that shocking ending to Volume 1, fans are worrying about the fate of their beloved characters. Let’s find out what the fans think is not going to make it till the end of Season 4. 

Who will die in Stranger Things Volume 2? 

Fan-favorite Steve Harrington took a lot of risks in volume 1. But that isn’t something new for the character. However, this season he was pulled into the Upside Down and was almost food for the Demobats until the trio arrived to save him. But he is still wounded and trapped in the Upside Down beside a hallucinating Nancy in the Volume 1 finale. This is enough reason for fans to fear for the teen-with-the-iconic-hair. 

Some other viewers think that the D&D enthusiast, Eddie, may die in place of Steve and others. Since the Duffer brothers so far have mostly killed off newer characters – Bob and Barb, it would make sense for them to kill Eddie. Almost all the original characters have stayed alive till now no matter how many times they have put themselves in danger. Max can also end up dead. She already had a close encounter with Vecna and is still grieving Billy’s death.  

However, the chances are high for Nancy as well. While she bravely stepped into the Upside Down to save Steve and found a way to save Max, she quickly found herself a victim of Vecna. A Redditor thinks her death would actually make for a more painful loss. 

Another thinks it’s Jonathan who won’t make it. He didn’t show even up in the trailer for Volume 2. 

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When will Volume 2 drop on Netflix? 

Stranger Things Season 4 will conclude with the last two episodes on July 1. The show is already renewed for another season, which will be its last. 

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