Fans Have the Most Hilarious Reaction to Chris Evans Playing the Damsel in Distress and Ana de Armas His Knight in ‘Ghosted’

Fans Have the Most Hilarious Reaction to Chris Evans Playing the Damsel in Distress and Ana de Armas His Knight in ‘Ghosted’

The 2000s were a great time for romantic comedies. But for over a decade, there has been a dearth of rom-coms. The superhero genre took over and the Hollywood studios stopped investing in romantic comedies. However, the genre has witnessed a resurgence recently. Fans witnessed Sandra Bullock’s The Lost City last year while Hollywood’s favorite on-screen pair, George Clooney and Julia Roberts reunited in Ticket to Paradise. And this year viewers have yet another rom-com to look forward to starring A-list stars Chris Evans and Ana de Armas. Apple TV+ dropped the trailer for their movie Ghosted on Monday and we can’t help but feel the 2000s are back.

The trailer opened with Evans’ Cole asking Ana de Armas’ Sadie out on a date. Their meet-cute, however, ended quickly as Sadie ghosted him. That resulted in him following her to London as a grand romantic gesture. Little did he know that Sadie was a CIA agent, and he was stepping into something dangerous. Several action scenes and explosions followed as they tried to run away from the bad guys. With spies and assassins, there was the question of loyalty. 

The team behind Top Gun: Maverick has produced the movie. Dexton Fletcher directed the film, while Deadpool scriptwriters Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick sharpened the script. Ghosted is a fun action comedy romance, much in the same vein as Mr. and Mrs. Smith.

This is a nice detour for Chris Evans, who mainly lifts the action-heavy scenes and played the famous Captain America. But he isn’t the savior here. He is just the goofy boyfriend who complains about getting kidnapped and tortured only after a date. Ana de Armas, on the other hand, not only rescues him but also shows off her action chops that we only got a glimpse of in No Time to Die. Fans are amused with the role reversal as they pour in their thoughts on Twitter. 

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Fans react to Chris Evans and Ana de Armas fighting off assassins in Ghosted 

Ghosted is their third collaboration. The two stars appeared together in last year’s The Gray Man and Knives Out. Both movies showed Evans taking on the role of an antagonist but a very capable one. But fans find his inability to cope with his girlfriend’s identity as a spy hilarious.


The movie is set to release on April 21. Will you watch it on Apple TV+? Let us know in the comments. 

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