Fans Hail Jamie Lee Curtis for Being “Real” After She Prioritizes Good Sleep Over Going to Oscars Dinner

Fans Hail Jamie Lee Curtis for Being “Real” After She Prioritizes Good Sleep Over Going to Oscars Dinner

Sleep schedule is important to Jamie Lee Curtis, even more than attending Oscars party. The Freaky Friday actress made it to the nomination list of the Academy Awards at the age of 64 for her work in Everything Everywhere All at Once. But while she is honored, the actress and the family woman is handling things on her own terms.

But when THR asked her about the nomination, she slipped in a little secret. She explained that there is a special nominees dinner by the Academy Awards, which she has refused to attend. Why? It “starts at 7:30, and I have declined,” revealed the actress. She acknowledged how it may seem confusing, but “Mommy goes to bed early,” she explained in her own hilarious way. The actress calculated how the event’s dinner will not actually start till 9 pm, which will be way past her scheduled time.

The 95th Academy Awards will be hosted on 12th March with some pre-Award functions, including the dinner to which only the nominees are invited. Lee recently won the Independent Spirit Awards as well as the SAG Awards in the Best Supporting Role category for her role in the 2022 movie.

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Safe to say, the movie has brought a new scale of glory to the actress’s career. But even that will not make her stay up late for Oscar’s party. Fans in comments only back her feeling about it all.

How fans could relate to Jamie Lee Curtis choosing sleep over the Oscars

Throughout her career, Jamie Lee Curtis has attended ample Award ceremonies, even bagging some for herself. While she is still shining brightly as an actress, priorities have certainly changed over time and age.

When Film Updates shared THR’s video, fans commented how they would do the same, and how they could relate to her. “She is so real”, was the common thought amongst her fans.

The actress played the role of Deirdre Beaubeirdre, an IRS officer in the Anthony Russo-produced film. While Michelle Yeoh leads the movie, it was Lee’s quirky character that was adored by the audience.

While she enjoys the success of this movie, her upcoming horror flick Haunted Mansion is also set to release this year. As for the Oscars, it will be seen if she finally bags an Academy Award this time around.

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What did you think of her idea of skipping Oscar’s dinner for good sleep? Put your thoughts in the comments.

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