Fans Go Berserk Over the Most Awkward Netflix Dating Show ‘Dated and Related’

Fans Go Berserk Over the Most Awkward Netflix Dating Show ‘Dated and Related’

Ah, reality shows! You either hate ’em or love ’em. There’s hardly ever an in-between. From the amazingly aesthetic cooking and home improvement shows to somewhat of a cringe-fest with dating series, Netflix offers a buffet of reality TV. Whether you agree or strongly disagree with the subject matter, these bring in absurdly high viewership. Joining these equally loved and hated Netflix shows is yet another dating show called Dated and Related.

Fans trash Dated and Related by Netflix

Recently, the official Twitter account of Netflix tweeted an announcement for the “most awkward dating show in History.” The trailer as well as fan reactions are completely in line with the caption. The Netflix reality show, Dated and Related feels awkward with a capital A, to say the least. The audience did not shy away from expressing its disappointment regarding the show as well as the platform itself.

While some users called the show “cringe”, the others straight-up reminded the streaming giant about its inevitable downfall.

Most viewers, however, are categorically upset, as Netflix keeps promoting these new shows while canceling fan favorites. The discontinuation of Netflix’s First Kill after just one season is a sore spot for several supporters of the show. Apart from that, the audience is also asking Netflix to renew other brilliant shows, including but not limited to Julie And The Phantoms and The Umbrella Academy.

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What is the new dating show about?

Based on the trailer of the show, it is clear that Dated and Related follows a run-of-the-mill template of a dating reality show on Netflix. Think Love is Blind, Too Hot to Handle, Single’s Inferno, and many more. A group of incredibly hot contestants lives together in a massively lavish villa in the South of France. These gorgeous people will go on dates and have conflicts, resulting in drama and an inevitable increase in viewership. Sounds simple enough, right?

If this wasn’t enough, the participants will appear on the show along with their siblings. Yes, you read that right. Despite the misleading title, the show isn’t incestuous; rather, the show promotes the presence of your sibling as having “someone in your corner.” The trailer shows inter-cuts of the participants from calling out the weirdness of the situation to embracing it.

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Will the upcoming Dated and Related turn out as awkward as Netflix promises? Will we see some heartwarming sibling bonds? We will only know after September 2. Whether you are a true-blue lover of such shows or an ironic watcher, let us know your speculations about the reality series.

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