Fans Feel Sorry for Kit Connor (Nick) As Netflix Renews ‘Heartstopper’ for Season 2 and 3

Fans Feel Sorry for Kit Connor (Nick) As Netflix Renews ‘Heartstopper’ for Season 2 and 3

Heartstopper was already a big thing when announced because it was adapted from Alice’s bestselling and very trending books. The series has 100% critic score on Rotten Tomatoes, one of the highest on Netflix. It’s not just another coming-of-age, teen rom-com, Heartstopper has character depth, thick plots and deep emotional analysis. The actors Kit Connor and Joe Locke were more than apt for Nick and Charlie’s roles because their charm and talent were adornments to the already beloved Nick and Charlie. They were the reason for the show’s blow up; and Netflix has made it a point to not disappoint their fans by announcing Heartstopper season 2 and 3. 

Why do fans feel sorry for Kit Connor following the announcement for season 2 and 3?

Heartstopper will get two more seasons despite low watch hours. And since then, fans can’t contain their excitement and are taking Twitter by storm. Some of them weren’t as elated because the announcement was an obvious one to them; others just couldn’t keep calm. Here are some fan reactions to the announcement.

While most fans can’t seem to contain their excitement, some fans are making fun of Kit Connor for not knowing French. Why? Nick, according to the books, is an English man with his father living in France, making him fluent at both the languages.

Moreover, as per the Heartstopper books, in the next season, their high school is to take them on a school excursion to France. During the trip, we will see Nick speaking fluent French to his father, leaving Charlie gobsmacked and blushing. It would certainly be easy to watch this scene when Connor doesn’t know French.

Fans know Kit Connor will have to learn French because Nick needs it. So as soon as the new seasons were announced; they went wild with the teasing. Here are some fan reactions.

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Heartstopper became a phenomenon in only 2 days from its release on Netflix. It struck a chord with the audiences for its authenticity, depicting the lives of the LGBTQ+ as teens. Hearts melted at Nick and Charlie’s pure chemistry and many were encouraged to shed their layers of protection and embrace their sexuality. Kit and Joe take pride in their characters and interact with the fans very often.

Heartstopper season 2 is expected to blossom Tao and Elle’s love story which was left unfinished this season. Nick and Charlie’s love is to flourish more. Olivia Coleman who made a surprise appearance as Nick’s supportive mom, is another star fans would love to see more of. Sebastian Croft as Ben is to wreak more havoc in Nick and Charlie’s pink lives. What are some of the twists you are expecting from season 2? Do let us know in the comments. If you haven’t watched Heartstopper yet, now might be the time. Watch it here.

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