Fans Enraged to See ‘Stranger Things’ Get Brutally Snubbed at The Golden Globes

Fans Enraged to See ‘Stranger Things’ Get Brutally Snubbed at The Golden Globes

Stranger Things’ release on Netflix in 2016 was truly the best wrecking ball that could hit the Internet. The science fiction series with its enigmatic characters, craftily layered plotlines of the genius Duffer brothers, and its 80s symbolism is not just any tv show. Unsurprisingly, the mystery and thriller series was renewed and fans were free blessed with a Season 4 of the show. The fourth installment of the show was released in two parts and it is safe to say, fans went absolutely bonkers.

The cast of the show has reaped some of the biggest and most awarded stars in the Hollywood industry. Therefore walking into an award season with little to no mention of the brilliant Duffer Brothers series was almost a replication of entering the bizarre and horrifying world of the upside down. Moreover, while the Emmy 2023 nominations definitely snubbed the actors, the series did get nominated for the Creative Arts Emmys and the Primetime Emmys. Unfortunately, Golden Globes 2022 saw 0 Stranger Things nominations.

Stranger Things receives 0 nominations at the Golden Globes

The award season was enriched with Netflix blockbuster productions such as Blonde and Wednesday. However, fans were appalled to see not a single nomination for the Netflix flagship series. Especially after Season 4 of the series wreaked havoc as it did. Furthermore, there is no doubt in the fact that Stranger Things is a phenomenal series.

However, it is the 4th season that broke the charts of brilliance. While witnessing Season 4 of Netflix blockbuster unfold, the viewers were sure they were watching some award-winning performances. Especially the goosebump-raising performance of Sadie Sink as Max gets Vecna-fied. And yet the Golden Globes did not give her any recognition leaving fans understandably enraged.

Fans appalled at the Golden Globes snub

Fans have taken the Golden Globes snub personally. The 4th season of the series saw countless emotionally bending moments in Eddie’s demise, Eleven, and Max’s reunion, and last but not the least, Max’s gut-punching showdown with Vecna. To see the beloved cast deliver such brilliant performances and get no recognition for it has angered fans.

Moreover, Running Up The Hill became a constant background sound for our lives with its resurgence thanks to Stranger Things Season 4. All the above reasons and just the obvious fact that the science fiction series is the definition of a brilliant direction, writing, and performance have triggered fans as the series went unnoticed like it never existed.

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