Fans Divided over Henry Cavill’s Exit and the Idea of Selling Synderverse to Netflix

Fans Divided over Henry Cavill’s Exit and the Idea of Selling Synderverse to Netflix

Ever since the announcement of Henry Cavill exiting DC has come out, it has remained a hot topic amongst fans. While superheroes have been around for a long time, they were brought to life on the big screens with some amazing actors. For the modern generation, it was Henry Cavill that became the face of Superman. So, when the British actor exited the franchise and the new DC bosses announced major changes affecting the Snyderverse, fans wanted Cavill and director Zack Snyder back.

But with DC changing things to compete, not everyone is on board with them. New hashtags are coming up to rebel against the change. Now, people have mixed reactions months after the news broke. A Twitter user posted about how no one could top Cavill in the role of Superman. It was accompanied by a #SellSnyderVerseToSnyder hashtag. Adding to it was a call to fire James Gunn and Peter Safran.

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The fan was not alone in this thought, there were different thoughts on the whole scenario.

Have DC fans finally moved on from mourning over Henry Cavill and Zack Snyder?

With James Gunn and Peter Safran taking over DC, things have changed boldly. Cavill was dropped out of Man of Steel 2 after his meeting with the new heads of DC. It certainly came as a shock for the fans initially, with many wanting both the British actor and Snyder to be on the project. But the company’s decision likely came from wanting big change and the added failure of Black Adam. But the hashtags online have been calling to sell Snyderverse to Netflix and fighting for Henry Cavill to be back.

There are those who feel that Henry Cavill cannot be replaced. But then, there are also those who feel that adaptation and moving on is a good thing. Some feel that selling Snyderverse to Netflix is not a good idea either. Another fan reminded how the former The Witcher lead was criticized for being British when he was first cast as Superman. While one commentator also feels that Superman has and will be bigger than any actor.

Now, Henry Cavill and Snyder were known to listen to fans and stick to the original source. On the other hand, the new DC bosses have their own new plans about what to do with Superman.

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