Fans Discover ‘Morty’ Is Not The Actual Name Of ‘Morty’ In ‘Rick And Morty’

Fans Discover ‘Morty’ Is Not The Actual Name Of ‘Morty’ In ‘Rick And Morty’

One thing is certain about Rick and Morty: It is completely absurd. You have to be very careful with each detail coming on screen, and who notices things better than Redditors? Well, fans have discovered that the Morty in season 5 is not the actual name of Morty.

Since the show started, we have always assumed Morty’s name was Morty. But Redditors recently found out that his name stands short for a very unexpected name. Since then, Redditors have been buzzing around, unable to believe Morty’s real name. What is this real name?

What is Morty’s real name?

All this while you thought Morty’s name is Morty. However, Reddit fans are now discussing, after five seasons, how Morty’s real name is Mortimer! Never in our waking minds or in The Dreaming did we ever think Morty’s real name would be Mortimer. Yes, we are mind-boggled by the details too.

Wait, What? from rickandmorty

Fans are going crazy about how the creators connected the previous seasons to describe why Morty is not Morty, but it is the short-form of Mortimer Smith Sr. Reddit is discussing how now they are unsure whether Rick is even Rick’s real name. The creators very smartly are now making us question the entire series, again! Is anything real? Is Rick, Rick, or Richard?


One user took things another step by wondering if, in another universe, Morty will be short for Mortholemew, while another user asked a very important question: If Morty is Mortimer Sr., does that mean he has a kid?

We then see an entire plot where they describe how Mortimer’s father was very toxic and wrote a book called My Horrible Father. Fans further tried to break down where the Sr part comes from. While some of them joke about it, saying Sr is short for Sir Nimbus, others tried to seriously break it down. One Reddit user said, “His half Gazorpian offspring is his namesake,” implying how they remembered the Gazorpian child as Morty.

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How the creators keep Rick and Morty fans engaged

The creators of Rick and Morty have a habit of using cliffhangers. Here, we have no clue what the future of season 6 holds. The fans are hoping to get more answers and now they are even more curious about Morty’s childhood and how this crazy bond does not let us leave our screens.

What are your thoughts and theories? Let us know in the comments below. Meanwhile, stream all seasons of Rick and Morty on Netflix.

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