Fans Demand What They Want to Do With ‘The Umbrella Academy’ Cast and the Choices Are Super Weird

Fans Demand What They Want to Do With ‘The Umbrella Academy’ Cast and the Choices Are Super Weird

The Umbrella Academy siblings wouldn’t really consider themselves super normal, but they surely wouldn’t give in to these weird requests from their fans! The dysfunctional family of siblings with daddy issues made a triumphant return with season 3 this summer. There was yet another apocalypse, more sibling banter, and a sly old father with an agenda of his own. Moreover, the show tackled sexual transformation to mirror the experience of the show’s actor Ellio Page. With all these good stuff, fans are crazy about the show’s cast members and want to do “things” with them.

Fans want to eat cheese puffs with the characters

A recent tweet expressed that she wanted to do more than just watch The Umbrella Academy. Ben Hargreeves has enamored her to the point that she wants to have “cheese puffs” with him.

Well, Ben is one of the most loved siblings of the Umbrellas, although he turns out to be not-so-sweet in the new Sparrow timeline. He died as a kid and was a ghost for the past two seasons before the Umbrellas time traveled to an alternate timeline and found Ben alive and kicking. Another Twitterati expressed her desire to do each other’s make-up and binge TV. 

It wasn’t just Ben that got weird requests. A fan also requested a cheese puff date with Five!

But we don’t think Five will have the time to go on a date when he’s so busy preventing doomsday

Another is living in a weird fantasy where she wishes to do drugs with Klaus. The sibling that can talk to the dead and has the ability of resurrection mainly used drugs as a coping mechanism in the series.

Lastly, comes a rather normal request: A hug with Viktor.

Viktor does deserve a hug for he lost not only Harlan, but Allison betrayed her as well. 

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Will The Umbrella Academy have a fourth season?

Netflix hasn’t confirmed the fourth installment yet. But the myriad questions left unanswered in season 3 and the cliffhanger ending definitely set it up for a follow-up season. 

Have you caught up with the latest episodes?

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