Fans Defend Mike Wheeler Amidst All The Hate He’s Receiving, Call His Performance With Eleven A Reminder Of Their “Lost innocence”

Fans Defend Mike Wheeler Amidst All The Hate He’s Receiving, Call His Performance With Eleven A Reminder Of Their “Lost innocence”

Mike Wheeler, portrayed by Finn Wolfhard, has been the male protagonist of Stranger Things since season 1 when all the kids used to play D&D in his basement. He has criticized fans several times for the bad choices he made. Even though he is just a teenager who wants to hold things. Whereas Mike was the first person to embrace Eleven for what she was, welcomed her into his home, and kept her safe in his little game place.

As the time passed, he became more and more infatuated with Eleven that he overlooked some things. But his love for Eleven doesn’t make him completely a bad person. Currently, Mike fans are defending him for season 3 where people are calling the piggyback scene overdramatic. 

A reminiscent of childhood love: Mike Wheeler and Eleven look adorable in volume 2

Mike and Eleven are the only successful couple in the series who have made it this far since their cute meet in the beginning. But after their big fight in volume 2, their relationship was left under a big question while Mike was worried that she would never come back. However, the moment Mike and Eleven see each other in the Nevada desert, they instantly reconcile. 

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A recent post shared by a fan on Reddit talks about the scene when Eleven was losing her hope strangled by Vecna floating in the isolation tank. Meanwhile, Mike confesses his love for Eleven and says that “you are my superhero” which gives her the strength to fight this evil. Many viewers have called the scene too cheesy and exaggerated.

Whereas other fans liked how truly Mike conveyed his feelings for her without adding any fancy speech to it. It was just a beautiful reminder of the moments they have spent together and how much they used to be in love. 

Fans are swooning over this young love story amid chaos and destruction 

Fans are falling in love with Mike how sincerely he expressed his emotions. As the post stated:

“This was the Mike I remember and loved. Honest, vulnerable, emotional and full of heart.” Mike heart to heart conversation really touched fans.


Did you like Mike’s confession in episode 9 of volume 2? Feel free to leave your comments below!

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