Fans Chime in on What They Want Henry Cavill to Wear Now That He Is Back as Superman

Fans Chime in on What They Want Henry Cavill to Wear Now That He Is Back as Superman

Given the number of prayers, time, fanart, and Dwayne Johnson’s voicing has gone into, fans really want everything for Henry Cavill’s big return to DC to be perfect. The British star returning as Superman to DC is an event not short of a king who has returned after winning a battle. Earlier when the actor was cast in the role, DC fans made sure to nitpick at everything. So now it only makes sense that they pay attention to each detail in order to make the Henry Cavill comeback a success.

Before the weird semi-retirement that The Witcher actor from DC, one of the subjects of scrutiny apart from the CGI chin was Superman’s costume. Fans were unhappy with the dark costume that when zoomed in imitated a fish’s gills. Therefore, Spanish artist Javier Sanchez has done us all a favor by making stunning art, depicting what Cavill will look like in the classic Superman suit from the comics.

Will Henry Cavill return with a new suit?

Cavill hit the ball out of the park with his brilliant performances in Superman. He presented a more vulnerable superhero which, although did not immediately win favor, brought the actor a lot of recognition years later. Thanks to Dwayne Johnson, fans got to see their favorite actor return to DC. While there are no doubts that the actor will put forth another brilliant performance, fans are worried about the costume.

This time, they are once again praying to God that the makers go for something more colorful. Don’t get us wrong, Zack Snyder’s Man Of Steel was wonderful, but it definitely made us think that we were slowly glowing blind.

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And with the new CEOs, James Gunn and Peter Safran coming in, it seems less of an impossible challenge. A colorful costume will be good and styling Henry Cavill as the classic Superman from the comic books would be a fan’s dream come true.

Thanks to the Spanish artist, we got a peek at what Cavill will look like. The actor looks like Superman has walked out of the comic even when he is in his natural habitat. Put the actor in the right costume and hairstyle, we might get to see a miracle.

Which Superman suit do you think Cavill should adorn for his comeback? Share your pick with us in the comments below.

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