Fans Celebrate ‘Bee and Puppycat Day’ As Season 2 of Cult Animated Series Drops On Netflix

Fans Celebrate ‘Bee and Puppycat Day’ As Season 2 of Cult Animated Series Drops On Netflix

Based on the writings of Natasha Allegri, Bee and Puppycat is a highly-acclaimed animated series on Netflix that started in 2014. The show ran for two years becoming a fan favorite as people praised it for the adventurous storyline. Following the life of an eccentric unemployed woman who finds a new life after a cute Puppycat arrives. However, the web series suddenly ended in 2016 leaving viewers heartbroken.

Surprisingly, Netflix gifted a renewal of the show after eight years to all the fans and it arrived on the platform. After watching the series, fans went on to share their excitement on social media and celebrated September 6 as Bee and Puppycat Day. Let’s see what this unusual cartoon series has to offer the viewers.

Bee and Puppycat is a quirky series that fuses magic with mundane life on Netflix

In the debut season of Bee and Puppycat, fans saw that the cat takes Bee to an alternative dimension. Now the series is back with gorgeous characters and an adventurous storyline that will leave fans wonderstruck.

Season 2 is based on the same theme of Bee and her pet trying to find a sustainable environment. As Bee keeps on doing work to pay rent and make money. However, this season also dives deeper into the past life of Puppycat who is a supernatural creature. As we see in episode 1, Puppycat squanders $500 on a mobile game and Bee faces a hard time paying rent on time.

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Moreover, the exciting news for people who haven’t watched the show yet is that the episode is longer this time. Therefore, they will get the chance to have a detailed account of the story of these characters. And Bee will eventually discover themselves for what they want to do or become in life.

Fans celebrate the long-awaited comeback of the animated show

Fans are elated to see Bee and Puppycat finally returning to Netflix. As Twitter is flooding with posts and comments. Some fans said their wait is finally over after a long pause of eight years, while others stayed awake late at night to watch all the episodes.

Have you watched the show yet? If not go take a look at it currently streaming on Netflix.

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