Fans Call Out Offset for Dressing Like Kanye West as He Turns Up in a Studded Mask for an Oscar Party

Fans Call Out Offset for Dressing Like Kanye West as He Turns Up in a Studded Mask for an Oscar Party

The Oscars were not just a night of awards, but also a platform for making fashion statements. From actors and directors to musicians, everyone attended the star-studded event. Though Kanye West was visibly absent from this event, there was another artist that reminded everyone of him. The person is none other than fellow rapper Offset who was accompanied by his wife Cardi B at the event.

The rapper appeared in a well-fitted suit and a rather unique-looking mask. It was a crystal-studded mask covering the entirety of his face, including his mouth, eyes, and scalp. He posed for the cameras, instantly becoming the talk of the town for his unique fashion statement. But was it unique?

When Variety tweeted a clip of the rapper in his look, fans could not help but compare him to Kanye West. Now, one of the positive things that Ye is known for is his sense of fashion. Not only did he change the way rap music was made, but he also collaborated with fashion brands successfully and was regular at the Met Gala.

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While OffSet is also a successful musician, pulling out this attire likely did not land well for the fans. Here is how comparisons were made with Kanye West.

Offset leaves fans unimpressed by turning up like Kanye West

Offset may have wanted to stand out during the Oscars Party, but fans do not see it that way. What they saw, is the rapper imitating the Yeezy owner.

One fan called Offset a Kanye West wannabe. Ye has not made music in a while, but he has been an inspiration for many. Hence, one commentator believes that the rapper is still living through the ones he inspired. While another thinks that Ye’s attitude is something that makes him pull off these looks perfectly. As for the mask, it became one of West’s iconic looks that he has worn before.


Not just for fashion, but when West feels like hiding himself, the masks come in handy as a shield between him and the world. He had worn Maison Margiela’s studded masks in silver and black. He was famously seen styling it during his Yeezy tour back in 2013. Apart from this, Ye has worn pantyhose, a purple padded mask, and even an owl-like feathery mask.

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Do you think Offset pulled off the crystal-masked look successfully? Share your opinions in the comments.

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