Fans Call Out Noah Schnapp for ‘Basic’ Taste as He Picks These 2 Taylor Swift Songs as His Favorites

Fans Call Out Noah Schnapp for ‘Basic’ Taste as He Picks These 2 Taylor Swift Songs as His Favorites

Pop Princess Taylor Swift has given her fans numerous hits over the years. Her musical catalog is full of perfect breakup songs or just the cutest romantic tracks. It’s no wonder that the singer was the topmost streamed on Spotify on Tuesday, Valentine’s Day. Whether you want to admit it or not, all of us are guilty of having TayTay on our list! And now Stranger Things fame Noah Schnapp has just confessed his two favorite Swift tracks. 

The 18-year-old had come out as gay a few months back. He had disclosed his sexual identity with a TikTok video claiming that he was no different than his character, Will, on the Duffer brothers’ show. But are his song choices the same as Will’s? And how are the fans reacting to his picks?

Fans react as Noah Schnapp discloses his favorite Taylor Swift songs to listen to

The young star shared that his favorite Taylor Swift song is none other than the classic Love Story and I Knew You Were Trouble. While both these songs were mega hits upon their release, fans probably were expecting the star to pick underrated tracks from her discography. His song choices didn’t quite impress the fans, who took to Twitter to call his music taste generic! 

Love Story was released as part of the album Fearless in 2008. The Bad Blood crooner penned down the lyrics inspired by Romeo and Juliet. Reinventing herself, the singer shed her country singer image and released the Dubstep heavy banger I knew You Were Trouble in 2012. Both the song and the music video were massive hits. 

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Well, at least his song choices may seem cringy to some, but it does tell us that he is a softy at heart! Although, we don’t think Will would have preferred these bubblegum gum pop songs in the 80s at all.

Meanwhile, while fans were supportive of his song choices, they certainly had his back when he came out and so did his co-star, David Harbour.

David Harbour offered his support to Schnapp coming out as gay 

When Schnapp admitted his homosexuality, it was no surprise for his fans or even his friends. He received ample support from them. But recently his co-star David Harbour had nothing but nice things to say about the teenager. In a chat with E! News, the actor found it terrific that Noah was keeping true to himself and was not compromising his authenticity!

What did you think about Schnapp’s choice of Swift’s songs? Share your thoughts in the comments.

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