Fans Bring In ‘Velma’ Into Conversation as Mindy Kaling Complaints About New Writers Being “Poached by Marvel”

Fans Bring In ‘Velma’ Into Conversation as Mindy Kaling Complaints About New Writers Being “Poached  by Marvel”

The most important component of any show or film is the writers. The way they bring in their view with the story and give the audience the fullest experience is an art. Mindy Kaling recently talked about working with them and how much she enjoyed it. However, she talked about how MCU poach them as well. As she spoke about it, fans brought in the recent work of the actress, Velma.

Recently, Kaling received the PGA Norman Lear Achievement Award. B.J. Novak presented the award to her former The Office co-star while reminiscing about the good old days and praising Kaling. At the ceremony, the actress talked about working with new writers was exciting. However, she called out the MCU for poaching them.

But the fandom took a different direction and brought in another show. They brought in the show that Mindy Kaling exclusively produced, Velma.

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Velma is the adult animated series released on the 19th of January, 2023. The series is a mystery horror and comedy based on the Scooby-Doo character, Velma Dinkley. The Office star served as an executive producer and the voice of the main character, Velma. The animated show got mixed reviews and got a 1.5/10 IMDb rating. Fans called her out for creating the show.

Fans called out Mindy Kaling as she complaints about the MCU

When the 43-year-old actress and producer called out the Marvel Cinematic Universe for poaching up-and-coming writers, fans couldn’t bear it. They called her out by asking why she created the animated show, with some sharing that they didn’t like the show. Another user even said working for MCU was better than wasting their talent on Velma. Meanwhile, some fans defended the actress.

Apart from Velma, the actress-producer has also created the fan-favorite Netflix Original show, Never Have I Ever, which was well-received among fans. While fans do not want to see more of Velma, others did not like the fact that she spoke about writers being poached.

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What are your opinions about it? Did you watch the show, Velma? Did you like it? Share your thoughts with us in the comment box below.

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