Fans Baffled as Jaden Smith’s Tomfoolery Wins Internet With a Video of Him Breaking Into Tears

Fans Baffled as Jaden Smith’s Tomfoolery Wins Internet With a Video of Him Breaking Into Tears

The entire Smith family has a serious yet hilarious tendency to make it to the top of showbiz news. May it be for award show controversies, domestic tensions, or plain buffoonery over the internet, Will Smith and his family are refreshingly open to the public. Quite often seen having an amusing time with his kids, the Hollywood A-lister never fails to entertain his fans. Inheriting the same from their father, the Smith children are a kind of their own. This time it is Jaden Smith, leaving the fans in visible confusion. 

The juvenile rapper and actor, Jaden Smith, always had a knack for getting onlookers wondering. Many times and oft, his tweets have gone viral owing to his subtle savageness and hilarious takes on certain matters. This time, he genuinely got some of his followers concerned about his latest gig. 

The 24-year-old got the internet cracking as he took to Instagram to share a recent video on the 14th of February. In the video, the star abruptly broke down to tears, showed his drier-than-a-desert surroundings, did not bother to explain, and left. The caption read, “I Love My Fans I Love Our Journeys This Family is Our Fortress…” He further wrote about how he should one day write about emotions and how “they’re okay…” 

The internet stays undefeated, though. While some thought it to be one of Smith’s arbitrary pranks, genuine fans, on the other hand, found themselves concerned with the caption. The video was met with polarizing reactions from all ends. Some users even commented on how it could have remained in the archives and that he needs Jesus.

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Internet defeats Jaden Smith with its reaction to his crying video 

The star gave a brief background check as his song Cabin Fever from the Hill played in the back. Savage fans smartly played along with some of the most amusing replies ever.

A probable reason why most people are sure that it is just one of his age-old pranks is, once in 2015, the blooming star sent the internet to a meme fest with another “crying” tweet. Jaden Smith humorously wrote, “…when Peeing feels so good that you start crying.” 

What is your take on the matter? What do you think Jaden Smith is trying to convey? Let us know in the comments below.

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