Fans Are Divided as Chris Rock Discusses Meghan Markle and Royal Family in His Latest Standup Show

Fans Are Divided as Chris Rock Discusses Meghan Markle and Royal Family in His Latest Standup Show

Chris Rock has left the internet divided over his latest jokes about Meghan Markle. The comedian is known for ruffling a few feathers with his jokes. Like most of his peers, he picks up on the latest topics and trends for the content of his jokes. Although some of them can end up offending one or more groups and that’s what happened during his recent Netflix comedy special.

The comedian performed at the live stand-up show called Selective Outrage, which was hosted on Netflix. Among many things he mentioned, including a clapback at Will Smith, Rock also mocked Meghan Markle for calling the British Royal family racist. Making fun of both sides, the actor pointed out how she must have known about their racism before getting married to Prince Harry. Her viral interview with Oprah also became the center joke. The comedian feels that some of the content was not a racism issue, but a typical in-laws issue.

Earlier, her admission over the Royal members discussing the color of Sussex’s babies had also sparked outrage. But Rock again countered that news by stating how black people are also curious about the baby’s shade when a couple of two different races are expecting a baby.

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While he made the jokes in good fun, not everyone saw it that way. Twitterati erupted with their own views over the special show.

Fans have a mixed reaction to Chris Rock mocking Meghan Markle

Ever since Meghan Markle left the Royal family, the internet is divided by taking sides. But Chris Rock’s latest comedy special has only added fuel to fire. Few fans who didn’t approve of the content wondered where Will Smith was when needed.

They were referring to the slap gate incident, while another one wondered if Harry would be the next to do the slapping.

Then there were those that could relate to his jokes about skin color and the in-laws issue.

The comedian’s jabs just added more takes on the debate about Megxit and circumstances of it that had been ongoing since 2020. It is uncertain at this point whether the Sussexes would respond to Rock’s jokes during his latest special or if they will choose to ignore it. One thing, however, is certain: both Chris Rock and Meghan Markle were trending throughout 2022 due to their own set of controversies, and 2023 doesn’t seem to be any different.

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Do you think the jokes made in Selective Outrage were in good fun or were they offensive? Comment your thoughts.

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