Fans Approve the New Album ‘Kids See Ghosts’ by Kanye West Featuring Yasiin Bey

Fans Approve the New Album ‘Kids See Ghosts’ by Kanye West Featuring Yasiin Bey

Kanye West might be on a career hold now, but a few years ago, he was moving at an unstoppable speed. The 45-year-old went through a lot in 2022 and is trying to make a new start this year, the first step of which he took by remarrying. However, when he was happily married man in 2018, he released an album, a song of which has recently made it to a certified gold record.

In the year 2018, Ye released an album called ‘Kids See Ghosts’ which he composed together with Ohio-based singer Kid Cudi. They collaborated on the album for the first time, which has now officially become “certified gold.” The album also featured singer-actor Yasiin Bey aka Mos Def.

The formation of the duo took place when West was recording in Wyoming. Both singers issued their self-titled first album in June 2018 under their respective label labels, GOOD Music and Wicked Awesome Records. However, they split up in 2022.

Although the album received great reception back in the year 2018, it has once again become a topic of discussion among the fans. Recently, RapTV tweeted about ‘Kids See Ghosts’ making it to being a certified gold record and since then the fans have begun expressing their love for it in the comments.

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What do fans think about Kanye West and Cudi’s iconic hit?

‘Kids See Ghosts’ is a song from the album of the same name which is receiving humongous appreciation from the audience. Since Ye has not released any album lately, fans are revisiting his old hits and picking musical gems from there.

Apparently, the Recording Industry Association of America has recently approved the song for a gold record since it has sold/streamed 500,000 units. When a song crosses that benchmark, it clears its path to becoming a gold-certified label.

A lot of fans are highly surprised that the song got this late to get gold certified. Moreover, they are shocked that it has not become a diamond-certified track yet. A song gets a diamond certification when it crosses the benchmark of 10 million streams.

Finally, the new year is bringing good news to Ye. Let’s see whether the fans’ manifestation helps the song reach the desired benchmark or not. What do you think? Tell us in the comments.

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