Fan Made Poster of ‘Stranger Things’ 5 Has Will Unlike You Want Him

Fan Made Poster of ‘Stranger Things’ 5 Has Will Unlike You Want Him

Stranger Things season 4 was a feat of cinematic genius. Returning with a bang after the pandemic hiatus, the show met all the fan expectations, which were ridiculously high, to begin with. Amazing storytelling style, mind-blowing special effects, impeccable performances, and stunning imagery—Stranger Things won hearts in all aspects. And don’t even get us started on the finale. It was a near-perfect display of gut-wrenching battles, seamlessly blending with highly emotional scenes. And now, all the fans want is a fantastic end to the humble beginnings with Stranger Things season 5.

While the announcement of the next and final season has the audience excited, that it won’t grace our screen till 2024 is a sore spot. What’s one supposed to do with a Stranger Things-shaped hole in their lives? Reruns? Check. Picking apart each and every scene from previous seasons? Check. Keeping tabs on the cast and the Duffer brothers for any ounce of information for season 5? Check, check and check. Now all that is left for devotees of the show is to speculate and make up their own theories. Perhaps some of them will come true.

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Fan-art showcases Will’s future in Stranger Things season 5

Right from the first episode, Will’s pivotal role in Stranger Things has been explicitly clear. He was the first domino that resulted in the series of unfortunate events to befall the once quaint town of Hawkins. No wonder the first and the second seasons of the show heavily revolved around the sweet boy with a bowl cut. However, season 4 of the show saw a major shift in power dynamics and Will’s character contributed little to the outcome.

Having said that, avid fans believe it to be the calm before a storm for Will. There are multiple theories going around about the Byers being at the center of season 5 owing to his special connection (neck tingles) to the Mind Flayer, Vecna, and all things Upside Down. The most popular speculation is very Harry Potter-Esque in nature. It believes that Will is Vecna’s Horcrux, or the Stranger Things equivalent of that.

In the same vein, a fan account on Twitter recently uploaded a beautifully rendered poster for Stranger Things 5. The artwork has Will at its center captured midway through his transformation into Vecna in all his tentacular glory. Unsurprisingly, the poster received a barrage of mixed reactions. While many users are super excited about the prospect of Will being the villain/savior, others want the poor boy to be left alone. Hasn’t Will Byers been through enough?

What lies in the future for Will Byers and Hawkins in season 5? That’s a question only the Duffer Brothers can answer and sadly, we have to wait for two excruciatingly long years for that. In the meantime, keep creating amazing fanart and give the whole franchise of Stranger Things one more watch. Perhaps you’ll discover another Easter egg.

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