Fan Edit Makes Steve Harrington’s Dream Come True, Giving Him the 6 Kids He Wanted

Fan Edit Makes Steve Harrington’s Dream Come True, Giving Him the 6 Kids He Wanted

A recent fan edit went viral on Twitter, and fans can’t stop getting all mushy over it. Owing to Steve Harrington’s dream, as mentioned in Stranger Things, episode 8, a fan uploaded an edit, making his dream come true. If you remember, Steve mentioned his dream to Nancy on their way to get ammunition that he always dreamed of a big Harrington brood, complete with him, his wife, and their six children. In the same scene, he mentioned how he envisioned the entire family going on a road trip across the country.

While we await season 5 to know if he will be alive to make that dream come true, that too with Nancy, a fan couldn’t wait that long. Seeing him want a family so bad after his father cut him off, a fan made this sweet but hilarious effort to make his dream come true, at least in a frame.

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Steve Harrington being a parent for 4 seasons straight

The fan edit in question has Steve as the father and his “six little nuggets” he always wanted that include the OG gang of Hawkins. Sadly, his dream of three girls and three boys didn’t materialize still, as it has only Eleven and Max as girls and the rest of them are boys, Mike, Lucas, Dustin and Will.


Steve, at some point of time, has been like a father to all these six children, especially Dustin. He was always trusted to handle the kids and look after their safety while others were away. And there’s no doubt that Steve has always rendered this responsibility dutifully sticking to kids wherever they go.

From being an immature, self absorbed, superficial nincompoop to a responsible adult and an universal favourite, he grew. Not only for protection, but we’ve also seen the kids being the most comfortable around him. The way Steve listens to all their problems and gives them advice for the same, truly makes him the father figure or the savage mom of the entire brood.

An 80’s stereotype to a fan favourite

Steve Harrington, “king of Hawkins High,” plays the role of the classic 80’s popular guy who gets all the school girls drooling over him. But it’s no surprise that his character played by Joe keery is one of the most compelling characters in the show.

All the while from Stranger Things 2 to the last, his character continues to grow in ways we might not have anticipated when he made his first appearance in the show. In many stories, the character due to medium constraints, just has a sudden change of heart and gets reformed. But in Stranger Things, the evolution of Steve is quite realistic. He slowly changes his behaviour, shows genuine growth and maintains that trajectory over the course of multiple seasons certainly making him the most beloved of all.

What fans like the most is that the Duffer brothers did all of that without changing who Steve is, at his core. His character went through a major change but his inner substance remained unchanged. The handsome, joyous, fun-loving babysitter who helps his fellow characters to bring out the best in themselves. Moreover, the Harrington-Henderson dynamic establishes as a magnificent duo that we all root for.

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What did you love the most about Joe Keery’s Steve Harrington? Let us know in the comments below. Meanwhile, catch all the charm of Harrington in Stranger Things seasons 1-4, streaming on Netflix.

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