FAMILY TIME, MATE! Kanye West Heads to Australia Mere Days After Surprise Marriage to Meet Bianca Censori’s Family

FAMILY TIME, MATE! Kanye West Heads to Australia Mere Days After Surprise Marriage to Meet Bianca Censori’s Family

It is family time for Kanye West. Not with the Kardashians, but with Bianca Censori and her family. The Gold Digger singer stunned everyone, including his former wife, with the news of his second wedding. There are still suspicions about whether the marriage is real or a mere PR stunt.

For West, though, it seems to be a serious business. Although there are no reports of the two making it official on the papers, they have been honeymooning for quite some time. The Donda singer was visibly absent from Chicago Saint’s birthday, his daughter with Kim Kardashian. Now, he is said to be visiting Australia to meet his new in-laws.

Kanye West likely heading to Australia for Bianca Censori

West is wasting no time mingling with Censori’s family. The singer married his Yeezy ‘head of architecture’ merely two months after his divorce, finalized with Kim Kardashian. Now, as per Herald Sun, he is heading to Melbourne, likely to meet his new bride’s family. She was born and brought up in Melbourne, completing her degree from the University of Melbourne. The 28-year-old was always known to be ambitious and smart, but also a party girl. Her friends described her as an ‘it’ girl, who has a bold sense of fashion, something Ye would appreciate as a fashionista himself.

Details about his mysterious new wife started unpeeling to the public over time. Although it is said the Kardashian sensed something was brewing between Censori and Ye way before. The architect’s LinkedIn account states that she has been working for Yeezy for the last two years. The new couple was first spotted driving around Beverly Hills, although the brunette’s hair was bleached blonde by then.

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Recently, her bold photos from a previous time have surfaced in the media. From bare netted tops to posing topless, the Australian has proved to be as bold as her husband. However, people cannot help but see the uncanny resemblance between her and the SKIMS owner. It is to be seen if they talk to the media in the near future.

What do you think the Australian family can expect from their first meeting with their son-in-law? Comment your thoughts.

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