“Fake and Disgusing” – Queen and Slim Actress Jodie Turner-Smith Criticise Kanye West Over Recent Controversy

“Fake and Disgusing” – Queen and Slim Actress Jodie Turner-Smith Criticise Kanye West Over Recent Controversy

If not for his rapping career worth multiple Grammys and a fashion empire worth $1.5 billion, Kanye West would definitely be popular for his social media kerfuffle. From having his ex-mother-in-law as his profile picture to wearing a “White Lives Matter” t-shirt, West definitely knows how to cause an uproar.

For more context, the phrase ”White Lives Matter” was used by white supremacist groups as a racist clap back to the Black Lives Matter moment which grew popular in 2014. So for Kanye West, who is a black artist himself, to wear a White Lives Matter t-shirt while promoting his brand on such a huge platform left a bitter taste in many mouths. And celebrities did not bite their tongue to call out the No Child Left Behind rapper on this one. The fiercest look of disapproval came from The Witcher: Blood Origin actress, Jodie Turner-Smith.

Jodie Turner-Smith is not here for Kanye West and his latest stunt

The British model and actress has expressed how she feels about Ye wearing an anti-Black Community T-shirt. The actress who herself was attending the Paris Fashion Week last month, did not hold back and called Ye ”disgusting” and ”embarrassing”. She took to her Instagram stories and wrote: ”I thought he said he was trying to bring people together??? fake and disgusting and embarrassing. Please go touch some grass and stop sharing your toxic thoughts”.

Jodie Turner-Smith further posted screenshots of other celebrity posts that expressed their disapproval of Kanye. One came from Will Smith’s son, Jaden Smith, who left early in the show because he did not believe in the message. The actress also shared Vas J.Morgan’s post who wrote about his disappointment in Ye especially since he was once a fan.

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Smith did not stop there and also shared a post from Van Lathan who talked about the deeper impact of Ye’s t-shirt spectacle. This isn’t the first time that Kanye West has received backlash for insulting the Black community and their history.

In a 2018 interview with TMZ, the rapper said that slavery wasn’t real. As the brawl surrounding him on the Internet grows louder, Ye’s next move is not known but we know he will be back with his Yeezy line of products soon.

Do you think this will affect Kanye West and his plans of entering the fashion industry solo? Let us know in the comments below.

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