FACE OFF! Millie Bobby Brown And Jenna Ortega Finds Themselves in Same Award Category But Fans Have Different Opinions

FACE OFF! Millie Bobby Brown And Jenna Ortega Finds Themselves in Same Award Category But Fans Have Different Opinions

In the past few weeks, the internet has been in a constant war as fans pick sides between Millie Bobby Brown and Jenna Ortega. Fans are comparing the acting style of both actors since they play supernatural teenagers in their respective shows. Also, Wednesday broke the historic record of Stranger Things in the first week of its arrival. According to Netflix, this coming-of-age drama surpassed the immensely popular English series with 341 million hours.

Although there is no doubt that both actresses have impressed the audience with their sheer talent at a young age. Imagining these Netflix shows without these young stars is almost as terrible as winters without hot chocolate. Now, with the beginning of a new year, Brown and Ortega are once again in a face-off as they find themselves in the same award category. Do fans have different opinions regarding nominations?

Millie Bobby Brown and Jenna Ortega go against each other in award nominations 

In a recent post shared by Film Updates on Twitter, they announced the Best Young Actor in a TV Show. The list included two biggest faces of Netflix Millie Bobby Brown for Stranger Things and Jenna Ortega for Wednesday.

Moreover, Bailey Bass was nominated for Interview with the Vampire, Kit Connor for Heartstopper, and Edvin Ryding for Young Royals. This nomination is certainly going to be a tough call for fans who have to choose between the best of talent. Fans have long been watching the 18-year-old actress displaying her talent on television.

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While Enola Holmes 2 was one of the biggest milestones of her career as she got enormous praise for her acting in the film. On the other hand, viewers made it evident that they are obsessed with the Scream queen by sharing videos of the dance scene and deadly dialogues. However, it seems that fans are choosing someone else over these talented actresses. And it’s none another than the Swedish star Edvin Ryding.

Fans are choosing Edvin Ryding over big Netflix stars  

Taking a lead role in the 2021 Netflix show Young Royals, he picked the attention of viewers internationally. Fans loved his acting as Prince Wilhelm in the teen drama romance and wishes to make him the best actor award.

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Who would you like to see winning the best actor award? Let us know your views in the comments and stick around for more updates.

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