Fab Four No More! Princess Kate’s look alike Reveals Business Has Been Running Dry Amidst the Royal Fallout

Fab Four No More! Princess Kate’s look alike Reveals Business Has Been Running Dry Amidst the Royal Fallout

The Duke of Sussex, Prince Harry recently published a bombshell tell-all autobiography which has not exactly helped bridge the gap between him and his family. On the contrary, there has been declared an outright war between the two parties. The memoir did expose massive unheard secrets of Britain’s Monarch. Right from the strict binding protocols to the dirty game of The Firm, as the estranged Prince Harry and Meghan call it, he said it all. 

The Royal Rift has affected the Monarchy vastly, but it is just not them who are left at the mercy of Prince Harry. The memoir’s release had some far-reaching effects on the Kingdom, much more than was expected. It not only brings the royal reputation to shambles but also its entire business expansion. The monarchy is the sole source of income for various organizations in the kingdom. `The Duke’s memoir has apparently hampered the breadwinner of various such families. 

Kate Middleton lookalike accuses Harry and Meghan of affecting their work

As broadcasted by a national television news channel, the apparent lookalikes of the Monarchy have been facing a temporary setback in their business. Sunrise recently took to its social media platforms that its work has been running dry in the “aftermath of the controversies surrounding Harry and Meghan”. The fab Four has long called it quits and the nation has never been the same after. 

For those unversed, there happens to be an entire clan that looks the same as the British Monarchy of the United Kingdom. The lookalike of Princess of Wales, Kate Middleton appeared on television recently. She wanted to share that bookings to have a glimpse at them have “drastically declined”. According to them, it is all because of the chaos building around Sussex. “It’s really sad,” said Middleton’s double referring to the grievances that have befell their great nation. 

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle always had a familiarity with the United States owing to the Duchess’ native place. Especially after the infamous Megxit, the California-based couple has shown clear signs of joy and happiness with their life in the states. Many a time and oft, numerous celebrities and notable personalities have applauded their courage to make that daring move.

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Nonetheless, their days in America now seem to be limited or so experts say. What is your take on the matter? Let us know in the comments below.

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