Extraordinary Attorney Woo Studio “Turned down the offer” From Netflix for Original Series

Extraordinary Attorney Woo Studio “Turned down the offer” From Netflix for Original Series

The brilliant Kdrama centered around a lawyer with autism that broke the glass ceiling, Extraordinary Attorney Woo is once again in the news. Everyone and their moms were in awe of the brilliant storytelling. The credit for this goes to the genius screenwriter of the Kdrama, Moon Ji Won. The legal series has also garnered the highest rating for the season finale and has the 7th highest viewership rating recorded in South Korean cable television history.


On Netflix itself, the approximate amount of time that people spent watching Extraordinary Attorney Woo was a whopping 326.6 Billion. Given such big numbers, it came as a shock when the makers rejected Netflix’s offer of making the series a Netflix Original. Will Extraordinary Attorney Woo season 2 be on Netflix? Why did the creators not want the brilliant series to be owned by Netflix? Let’s find out!

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AStory Studio will not sell off their hit legal Kdrama to Netflix

Extraordinary Attorney Woo became as brilliant as it was because of the production house behind it: AStory Studio. Additionally, the studio has also produced hit Kdramas such as Signal, My First First Love, and Kingdom. The CEO of AStory revealed during the 2022 Broadcast Worldwide in Seoul that they have refused to let Netflix produce, distribute, or adapt the series as the platform’s original. This was a decision made to have the show’s intellectual property in their hands.

The makers learned from the last time. For those of you who do not know, AStory and Netflix go all the way back to when Netflix released its first original Kdrama, Kingdom. In addition, even though the drama was created by AStory, the company barely benefited from its enormous popularity and widespread critical acclaim.

This was because Netflix owned the IP i.e. intellectual property of the show. Additionally, IP is what helps the studio earn money and keep growing, explained Lee Sang Baek  (CEO of AStory). Now that we have all had our Woo Young Woo whale moment, let us get to the question of the hour.

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Will Extraordinary Attorney Woo season 2 be on Netflix?

Keeping all the technical stuff aside, fans especially those located outside of Korea just want to know if season 2 will be on Netflix. While AStory has refused the offer of making the Kdrama a Netflix Original, it has not refused to sell the International broadcasting rights.

As long as Netflix purchases the overseas broadcasting rights of Extraordinary Attorney Woo Season 2 we can smoothly stream the show. And given the billion hours worth of views that the show has given the OTT Mughal, we can rest assured that it will purchase the broadcasting rights. While you wait for Season 2, pick one from our list of three Kdramas to re-watch on Netflix and enjoy!

Will you be coming back for the second season of Extraordinary Attorney Woo? Let us know in the comments below.

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