EXPLAINED: What was in the Note to Rafael in Money Heist Season 5 Ending?

EXPLAINED: What was in the Note to Rafael in Money Heist Season 5 Ending?

All the questions, theories, and mysteries were answered when the last episodes of Money Heist were released on Netflix. The fans finally got to see how the gang pulled off the heist, and how Berlin’s son connected to the plot of the show. But they have one last question that needs to be answered; what did that note Rafael gets in the Money heist finale read?

It looked almost impossible for the gang to leave the Bank of Spain since they lost the gold to Rafael. But the plan was never to return the gold. It was always to replace the gold with brass. But as we know, The Professor is not someone who gives up so easily. Hence, he had to get the gold back from Rafael, but how did he do that?

Brass for Gold

As we saw in the finale, The Professor asks Tamayo to hold a press conference and announce that the police have recovered the gold from the gang. That press conference will be a signal for Sergio’s crew, and they will deliver the gold to the bank; thus earning freedom for the gang. It was looking like they were actually giving up the gold for freedom as trucks filled with golden ingots arrived at the bank. But only if things were as simple as they looked on Money Heist.

While Tamayo believes the gang is returning the gold, we know that the actual gold sits under a small house owned, courtesy of Rafael. So what exactly is Tamayo getting? Well, what the entire world thinks is gold, it actually is gold plated brass. The Colonel is quick to figure out this trick of The Professor, but as he explains, the country will never use this gold (brass); it is nothing but a myth, sitting inside the bank vault. At first, Tamayo hesitates and even pressurizes them to make things right, but he eventually gives up and the gang flees away with the gold. But wait, isn’t the gold out there with Rafael?

Rafael and the note in the Money Heist finale

We saw The Professor tasked Alicia Sierra to hunt down the gold stolen from them by Rafael. He says if there is anyone in the world that can find that gold; it is her, and Alicia actually does that. We see Alicia along with the remaining crew right outside the cottage, under which Tatiana and Rafael buried the gold. But the couple and their own gang soon joined them. The fight is just about to begin when Alicia hands a note written by The Professor to Berlin’s son.

Just reading that note was enough for Rafael to give up the gold and hand it over to Sierra. But the question remains, what exactly did the note read? While it is never truly revealed in the show, we believe that the note was a kind of promise to Rafael that if he gives up the gold, a portion of it will be sent to him. Maybe The Professor believed it will only be fair to share the stolen gold with Berlin’s son, and that will be the best way to honor his dead brother.

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