Explained: ‘Bridgerton’ Creator Chris Van Dusen Unveils Season 2 Episode Names – What Spoilers Do They Reveal?

Explained: ‘Bridgerton’ Creator Chris Van Dusen Unveils Season 2 Episode Names – What Spoilers Do They Reveal?

Ever since the trailer for Bridgerton season 2 dropped, and its release date was announced, fans of the Regency period drama can’t keep their calm. And creator Chris Van Dusen has decided to build the excitement even more after dropping the names of Bridgerton season 2 episodes on his Twitter handle. Let’s check it out. 

The first episode, Capital R Rake is actually a throwback to Lady Whistledown’s name for Anthony Bridgerton in the first season. Off To The Races, the second episode is aptly titled. You can already tell that the setting for this episode is the racetrack. Earlier, the Shondaland production had also shared photos of the families at the racetrack. All the following episodes are titled: A Bee in Your Bonnet, Victory, An Unthinkable Fate, The Choice, and Harmony. Season 2 is based on Julia Quinn’s romance novel: The Viscount Who Loved Me, and the final episode is also titled the same

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New protagonists in Bridgerton season 2 episodes 

Bridgerton season 2 episodes will not focus on the earlier leads, Daphne and Simon Basset. Their love story has concluded, and Rhimes has instead decided to draw in the viewers with a tantalizing love triangle this time. 

Move over you two (Daphne and Simon), because we have a new lead in the oldest son, Anthony Bridgerton. Anthony dejected in love decides to look for a bride that would suit the family’s status. He goes on the hunt for a wife when his eyes land on Edwina Sharma. But there is one thorn in his way, Edwina’s sister, Kate Sharma. Kate is a headstrong girl who distrusts Anthony. Kate will scheme to keep the Viscount away from Edwina but eventually will fall for him. The two are said to have electrifying chemistry in the book.  

Will Simon Basset and Daphne not appear in the second season?

Rege Jean Page exited the show after the conclusion of season 1. Thus he won’t make an appearance in the second session, but Daphne will pop up in certain acts. She will be playing a supporting role in this new season.

Bridgerton season 2 will dropdrop on Netflix on 25th March. Are you excited?

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