Expert Says: Kanye West’s Quickie Marriage May Have Long Lasting Effect on His Four Kids

Expert Says: Kanye West’s Quickie Marriage May Have Long Lasting Effect on His Four Kids

Marriage becomes increasingly complicated when kids are involved, especially in remarriages. It is no longer a matter of two individuals entering a union. But the kids’ feelings and thoughts also have to be considered. However, Kanye West completely blindsided his kids. 

The marriage was not only a shock to his fans but also to his little ones. Now parenting consultant Kirsty Ketley sheds some light on the impact of this sudden marriage on his kids.

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Kids of Kanye West may develop long-term commitment issues 

Kanye West stunned everyone when he got secretly hitched to Yeezy employee Biance Censori after he was missing for days. The rapper exchanged vows with Bianca just two months after his divorce from Kim Kardashian was finalized. The condensed time period made Ketley assume that his kids never met Bianca. They never had the chance to form a relationship with her.

While they probably did come to terms with their parents separating, it was important for the Donda rapper to introduce Bianca into their life gradually before taking such a big step.  According to Ketley, the kids are likely to develop long-term commitment issues. And may have trouble establishing stable relationships as they grow up.

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Kids mostly see their parents as role models. They learn to manage relationships from their parents. And since both Kim and Kanye have had multiple partners and marriages, it will affect the relationships they form in adulthood.  Long-term, the kids may be unable to form stable relationships, which studies have found is the case when parents have multiple partners or marry several times,” she said to The Sun.

More importantly, the children may feel replaced or unimportant. Since remarriage changes family dynamics, the kids may worry about their father abandoning them. It takes a “toll on their self-esteem,” who feel undervalued. It was essential for the producer to broach the subject of marriage with his kids. Instead, he dropped the bomb on them through media articles, and it wasn’t the right move. 

Do you also think the rapper should have let his kids in on the proposal before taking such a big step forward?

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