Existential Angst and Life’s Unexplored Meanings – Here’s Cowboy Bebop Lessons for You

Existential Angst and Life’s Unexplored Meanings – Here’s Cowboy Bebop Lessons for You

While people keep talking about the debacle of Cowboy Bebop, the live-action series. But, the respect for Cowboy Bebop, the anime keeps rising. As people revisit the 90s classic anime, one thing that stands out from the anime is the Cowboy Bebop lessons. If you missed them, then keep reading, as we will cover them for you.

Before we dive deep into the Cowboy Bebop lessons, we look at the traumatizing pasts of Spike, Jet, and Faye.

A look at the past of Cowboy Bebop’s characters

Spike was part of the Red Dragon Crime Syndicate. But after a feud with Vicious, he abandoned the group and ran with his lover Julia. However, Julia never showed up at the cemetery, and Spike had to leave alone.

Jet himself has a troubled love life. During his tenure as an ISSP officer, Jet fell in love with Alisa, but she abandoned him for no apparent reason. Alisa left only a pocket watch as a farewell gift for Jet. Faye too has trust issues after Dr. Bacchus scammed her and forced her to live a life on the run.

The many Cowboy Bebop lessons

The setting of Cowboy Bebop might make it difficult for you to straight away relate to the story. But if we remove the space bounty hunter stuff, we have got with us a group of young adults trying to survive in a cruel world. All of whom are heartbroken and broke at the same time.

Although Jet and Spike have been bounty hunting for a while, the only way they express their grief is by drinking it. Faye has a philosophy of “leave before being abandoned”. While none of these methods solve their problems, Cowboy Bebop sends across a message that they aren’t explicitly wrong.

Everyone copes in the way which is best suitable for them. Topics relevant to today’s day and date, like men’s mental health, trust issues, and abandonment issues, gain prominence in the series.

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At times, you enjoy this anime for its comedy, gunfights, music, or even animation. But try delving into the story and the characters, and you might find the resemblance between you and the characters.

Let us know in the comment section what was the Cowboy Bebop lesson you learned from the anime.

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