Exclusive Clip From Manifest Season 4 Features Michaela and a Man Carved With “Stone 828”

Exclusive Clip From Manifest Season 4 Features Michaela and a Man Carved With “Stone 828”

We have been waiting for a long time now. Well, our manifestations worked, and Manifest season 4 will premiere soon. Netflix saved the show and fans are grateful for it. But fans would love it if they get something to look forward to while waiting for the season to be aired, right? In that case, we have an exciting news for you.

Manifest Season 4 on Netflix

While we are tired of waiting for the season to release, Netflix published an exclusive sneak peek video. In the video, we can see Michaela Stone, who is one of those missing passengers. “Cherry Blossoms. There you are,” she said and goes towards the container.

The container has Cherry Blossoms painted over it. She goes there hiding from the workers there and opens the container. There, she not only finds the boxes but also a man carved with “stone 828” in his hand.

As Michaela tries to discover what is there in the container, this man suddenly pulls her leg and tries to grab her. An important discovery is encountered and, for the rest of the story, Netflix is making us wait. They will release the season in two parts, apparently. Each part has 10 episodes.

Manifest, originally an NCB drama, follows 191 passengers from Montego Air Flight 282. The plane took off and vanished from the rest of the world. People assumed the passengers to be dead and moved on. When the plane returns after five and a half years as if nothing ever happened, there are consequences.

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The show talks about the change in human nature after a shocking event. Moreover, in this season, every dot will be connected and we will have our final ending. What do you think will happen this season? Do you think anyone will die?

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