“Evil Has Evolved” in the Resident Evil Franchise With This New Live Action Series Coming On Netflix, Release Date Revealed

“Evil Has Evolved” in the Resident Evil Franchise With This New Live Action Series Coming On Netflix, Release Date Revealed

All Of Us Are Dead brought back life to the zombie apocalypse hype, but what about viewers who aren’t in k-dramas? Well, Netflix is bringing to them a live-action adaptation of the popular Resident Evil franchise. Find here all you need to know about the upcoming series and its predecessors.

What is this series based on?

There are very few people who haven’t heard the name Resident Evil. The popular film series finds its roots in the Japanese video game franchise by the popular video game distributor Capcom.

The film series follows the character Alice, played by Milla Jovovich. After bio-weapons that the Umbrella Corporation has triggered, there occurs a zombie apocalypse. The films also see a lot of characters from the game making an appearance, including Claire Redfield, Jill Valentine, Ada Wong, Carlos Olivera, and Albert Wesker.

Although the critics aren’t fans of the series, they certainly have made an impact. The Resident Evil franchise alone has racked up about $1.2 billion. No video game has had as many adaptations as that of Resident Evil.

The latest addition to this long line of adaptations is the latest series on Netflix.

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When will we see Resident Evil on Netflix?

Resident Evil had been under the works on Netflix since 2019. The platform is going all-in on the series with the release of an anime last year. Resident Evil: Infinite Darkness released on Netflix in July 2021 isn’t the only animated project of the franchise. Another one is on the way and we might see it shortly.

Netflix Geeked announced on Twitter the moving of the Wesker kids to New Raccoon City in August 2020. The series was to have 8 one-hour-long episodes. Andrew Dabb, who has also worked on Supernatural, wrote it. The director of the Netflix Original series will be Bronwen Hughes. Hughes has a history of working on zombie apocalypse projects like The Walking Dead. Fans who ended up not liking the previous additions as much are relieved knowing Hughes is working on the series.

After a long wait, Netflix has finally announced the release date of the Resident Evil series. It will appear on the platform on July 14, 2022. Here is a brief teaser for fans to enjoy while they await the release of the series.

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Stay tuned for more and stream Resident Evil: Infinite Darkness on Netflix!

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