Everything You Need to Know About Latest Spanish Thriller “Holy Family” on Netflix

Everything You Need to Know About Latest Spanish Thriller “Holy Family” on Netflix

Netflix has shot two birds with one stone in its latest Spanish thriller Holy Family. The OTT Mughal has just released an Original Spanish thriller. Furthermore, Holy Family on Netflix has broken the streak of hit-and-miss thrillers that have been released on the OTT Mughal so far. The eight-episode-long series on Netflix is both cinematically pleasing and also mind-blowing. A star-studded cast and a brilliantly layered storyline combined to make one of the most amazing thrillers so far, this year.

What is Holy Family on Netflix about?

Titled Sagrada Familia, Holy Family is another masterpiece from Spain that is peaking at the viewership rating charts on Netflix. Furthermore, the mystery thriller is directed by Manolo Caro. He is best known for his amazing work in The House of the Flowers. Carlo has also contributed to the screenplay alongside Fernando Perez and Maria Miranda. Furthermore, Holy Family on Netflix is set up during the 2000s.

It follows the entry of Gloria into the elite town of Fuente del Berro. While all the members of the town play important roles, the series is centered around the Holy Family. The series follows the mothers in the neighborhood that form a unique friendship. However, Gloria, who is the latest addition to the town alongside her two kids has something to hide.

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The series has a plot twist in every episode. It possesses the kind of magic that will make you stream all episodes in one go because of an intriguing plot. Plus, a thriller that poses the question of how far can one go for family, can never be wrong.

Who are the actors in the Holy Family cast?

The Spanish thriller brings back one of our favorites from Netflix’s original Money Heist, Najwa Nimri. You might also remember her voice from Call of Duty: Modern Warfare. She is phenomenal as Gloria in Holy Family. She displays the constant fear of her secret getting exposed even in a light-hearted gathering brilliantly.

Alba Flores another favorite from Money Heist is playing Caterina in this Netflix thriller. To see her pull off such a different character after watching her play the fierce Nairobi is a treat. Carla Campra and Macarena Gomez play important roles in the series.

You can watch this mind-bending yet uniquely heartwarming thriller series on Netflix.

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