“Everyone puts on the charade…”- Sydney Sweeney Called Out the Industry While Talking About Struggles as a Young Female in 2022

“Everyone puts on the charade…”- Sydney Sweeney Called Out the Industry While Talking About Struggles as a Young Female in 2022

When Sydney Sweeney set foot in Hollywood, she knew that she was not there just to do some side roles. The small-town girl arrived with the intention of winning hearts and doing everything that is possible. Well, to be fair, she was an all-rounder way before she became an actress. A nerd, a car mechanic, and an MMA fighter, there is nothing this 25-year-old cannot do.

But one thing that she decided to do after she made a name was to start her own production company. And while the world shut down during the lockdown, this young talent was working on her ambitious project. Right after the lockdown, she landed her production company, “Fifty-Fifty films” under which she aims to do wonders. But do you know how she created the production house?

Sydney Sweeney reveals the relaities of the showbiz industry

The Euphoria star has sure become the owner of a production company which she is very proud of. But in an interview given to Cosmopolitan last year, she spoke about how many hurdles she had to face while and after launching her production house. She also stated a very harsh yet true fact that people in the industry claim that they respect and support the views of young women, yet she had to and is still fighting among older women.

“Everyone puts on the charade that we’re supporting each other, but I have not felt that fully yet,” said the actress to Cosmopolitan in 2022.

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She was told that she won’t get the expected credit and neither will she get the name of her company on the project she was developing. Apparently, The White Lotus actress has her own theories for the help she was not getting. She thinks that the people in the industry feel that young people like herself are getting things without struggling for them.

She was informed to complete a number of tasks before she could get credit, as if she did not earn it. Surprisingly, she received this statement from a woman. However, this small-town girl is trying to get past all the hurdles and is moving towards her goal, though slowly, but steadily. You will soon see her in Marvel’s Madame Web alongside Dakota Johnson.

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