Even After Disappointing Reviews, Netflix’s Persuasion Sits Comfortably in the Second Spot of Top Movies; Will the Gray Man Topple the Rankings?

Even After Disappointing Reviews, Netflix’s Persuasion Sits Comfortably in the Second Spot of Top Movies; Will the Gray Man Topple the Rankings?

The fame game of being on top of the list is a little tricky. The reviews for the show or a movie revolve around the taste of the audience. The Netflix Original show Stranger Things stayed on top for a long time. Now, the recent show Resident Evil is in the 1st rank on the list of Netflix’s top shows globally. In the movie department, The Sea Beast, an animated movie, is on top. Despite getting negative feedback from the viewers, Persuasion managed to secure 2nd place on the Top 10 list of Netflix. However, recently released The Russo Brothers’ The Gray Man has the 4th place. Let us look at reviews of both the movies.

Persuasion is at the top of the list on Netflix. Is it worth it?

Persuasion is the adaptation of the novel by the Queen of Regency era’s rom-com novelist Jane Austine. The movie streamed on Netflix on July 15, 2022. And is the modernized version of the classic novel of the same name. Before the release of the movie, the fans were unsure about the lead actress Dakota Johnson playing this classic character. The devotees of Jane Austen didn’t like the decision to modernize the classic work of literature.

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The fans were also not happy with the twisting of the language of the original work. They also changed some famous dialogues for the sake of modernizing the character and that made the fans outrageous. Rotten Tomatoes gave it a 31% rating, IMDb gave the movie an average of 5.6/10, and Empire Online gave it the lowest 2/5 ranking. Yet, the movie has secured a place at the top of the list.

What about The Gray Man, then?

The recent Netflix thriller action movie The Gray Man has received mixed reviews. Despite many negative reviews, The Economic Times writes, “The movie is primarily an action piece, and the details seem pretty nifty. A sequence shows six fighting out of a plane that is coming apart.” They say it is a must-watch movie at the weekend.

A critic at Common Sense Media wrote this review disapproving of too much violence: “The Gray Man is formula film on steroids, complete with unrealistic action without the need of computer-generated everything, dialogue that is no where near real world interactive speech and Chris Evans who looks like Hitler during his barbershop quartet days.”

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While Rotten Tomatoes gave it a 49% rating, IMDb gave the movie a 6.6/10 rating. Allover average rating from Common Sense Media is a 3/5. 
However, both the movies have received the kind of reviews that can confuse the viewer about whether to stream these movies. But, the real question is, despite getting more negative reviews than The Gray Man, can Persuasion stay on the top Netflix spot for long now? Will The Russo Brothers’ The Gray Man be able to surpass the rank? Let us know what you think about it.

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