‘Enemy of the State’ Actor Jack Black Gets Bowser Singing in the Latest ‘The Super Mario Bros. Mario Movie’ Trailer

‘Enemy of the State’ Actor Jack Black Gets Bowser Singing in the Latest ‘The Super Mario Bros. Mario Movie’ Trailer

The Super Mario Bros. Movie AKA the long-awaited birthchild of Illumination and Nintendo now finally has a trailer. After the disaster, which included Bob Hoskins and John Leguizamo running around in plumber suits, which Chris Pratt has repeatedly asserted that he will NOT be doing, the multinational video game company, Nintendo, and its fans were left traumatized. As a result, Nintendo decided to not slip for any million-dollar deals that offered movie adaptations.

Through some miracle, we are finally getting The Super Mario Bros. Movie and this one is thankfully not live-action. Plus Illumination is not leaving any stone unturned and has gathered a top-notch team to make the plumbers crossover from video games to movies as amazing as possible. It has roped in gems like Chris Pratt, Jack Black, and Anya Taylor-Joy to voice the characters. And Jack Black definitely has some jokes about his character Browser such as his character jumping into a song. Was it just a joke?

Jack Black on voicing Browser in The Super Mario Bros. Movie

The trailer of the highly anticipated Super Mario movie has mostly left fans satisfied except for, of course, the jokes about Chris Pratt being paid to voice Mario as Chris Pratt. Other than that, fans are all praises for Jack Black and how the trailer builds intrigue yet doesn’t give away too much.

When you bring in Matthew Fogel, who at this point has mastered the art of making 3D-animated movies that are enjoyable not just for the kids but also rope the adults in with their cheeky humor, to write the screenplay, the film comes in the package. The LEGO Movie 2: The Second Part and Minions 2: The Rise of Gru which you can find on Netflix are testaments to this fact.

If Jack Black’s suggestion at the NYCC press conference about the supervillain Browser singing a song in the movie turn out to be true, fans are in for a delight. Black made this claim while speaking about going back to his metal roots.

Given that the actor has proved he can jam in movies like School of Rock and Margot at the Wedding, it isn’t too far of a possibility to consider. The trailer makes it very clear that The Super Mario Bros. Movie is going to be packed with humor, thrill, and adventures.

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