Emily in Paris and You Crossover – Could You Catch the Easter Egg?

Emily in Paris and You Crossover – Could You Catch the Easter Egg?

With the release of two of Netflix’s most awaited shows within a difference of two months, the platform certainly is keeping fans entertained. We saw Joe Goldberg return for his third appearance on October 15, 2021. Emily and her very Parisian problems made their second arrival on December 22, 2021. Fans who have seen both the shows might have noticed the You reference the creators of Emily in Paris tried to slip in, hinting towards a possible crossover.

Where are we in terms of plot?

You season 3 picked up with the return of the psychotic couple Joe Goldberg and Love Quinn. Both the murderers found themselves in a small suburban town called Madre Linda in the midst of California. Joe, for whom moving to Los Angeles from New York City, was horrifying enough, found this to be an utter nightmare. During his time in Madre Linda, he became obsessed with another bunch of women. But the most defining infatuation of his was Marienne, the librarian he worked with.

Joe ended up killing a person for Marienne, something Love clearly was not okay with. The woman was about to kill the former, but Marienne’s daughter AnnaLeah saved her mother by quite a close call. While Marienne escaped the clutches of Love, or rather, her knife, Joe managed to kill Love. In the season 3 finale, he moves to Paris, presumably in search of Marienne, who was brought up in the city and talked of moving back there.

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Another story set in good ol’ Parée is Emily in Paris. Back for season deux, Emily again finds herself entangled in a love triangle. Well, this time around, it is a quadrilateral with numerous strings, but you get the point.

What is this Emily in Paris and You crossover?

Amidst all of the mess with Emily’s love life, her friendship Luc and Mindy stayed consistent. Luc even gave her some real dating advice after the fiasco on her birthday. He did so while reminiscing his own romantic afflictions. His words were:

Don’t waste time with girls or thinking about Marianne No. 1 or Marianne No. 2. just never date a woman named Marianne. Never.

While this was a clear Easter egg that creators of the Netflix Originals slipped in, fans are wondering if there might be a You and Emily in Paris crossover. Many have gone as far as to theorize that Emily might be Joe’s next victim, now that she is considering staying in Paris for good.

We’re not sure the creators of the shows might go as far as this but a You and Emily in Paris crossover on Netflix doesn’t seem too far, considering Luc’s advice to Emily (and hopefully, Joe).

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