Embarrassment, Humility, And FOMO – Millie Bobby Brown Explains What Eleven Goes Through Meeting Mike In ‘Stranger Things’ 4

Embarrassment, Humility, And FOMO – Millie Bobby Brown Explains What Eleven Goes Through Meeting Mike In ‘Stranger Things’ 4

Millie Bobby Brown’s exceeding talent has never remained under the bar as viewers also saw her in the period mystery, Enola Holmes. However, the Stranger Things franchise has been the prospering path for her career as an actress, as we continued to see the telepathic kid for four seasons. Recently, Millie Bobby Brown came to the Geeked Week 2022 event on July 9 to throw some light on season 4. It was then that Millie discussed what went through Eleven’s mind when meeting Mike

Mike and Eleven share a real teenage relationship in season 4 says, Millie Bobby Brown

Season 4 started with Eleven trying to settle in California. We see the two lovebirds writing letters to each other, very much in touch and love. Mike was the first person in Eleven who showed her compassion when she broke out of the laboratory. But with the changed surroundings and new experiences coming into her life she questions her identity.

For instance, with a new High School, lost powers, and bullies, she is trapped in emotional trauma. And yet she doesn’t want to talk about it with Mike.

“She is struggling and she’s hiding that from him[Mike]” remarked Millie in Geeked Week on Netflix

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Millie Bobby Brown gave an expounding depth to what ‘El’ is feeling in the episodes of Stranger Things 4. She says that Eleven is just trying to hold the line of her shattered emotions. She has already lost her father figure Hopper and leaving Hawkins was even a bigger challenge. Meanwhile, she has no powers, which used to be the sole meaning of her existence. And she doesn’t want to share her insecurities with her boyfriend Mike, as the distance is making things more vulnerable. 

Eleven’s expectations for High School are crushed in Stranger Things season 4

Eleven’s first experience of normal school life is overwhelmed by teasing and alienation. In Stranger Things season 4 when she creates a project on his superhero Hopper she is mocked by her classmates. Which was a new thing for Eleven because she is different from others. However, she doesn’t want Mike to know that she is having a terrible time at school. And that she wants to go back to her friends, back to Hawkins.

Eventually, she gets into a fight with Mike that nobody would understand her pain right now. Because everyone considers her a monster without her powers, not a superhero. Therefore, she is left alone to deal with her problems in season 4 like a normal teenage girl.

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