Embarassed and Shocked Jamie Campbell Reacts to Fans’ Vecna Lust and “Vecnussy”

Embarassed and Shocked Jamie Campbell Reacts to Fans’ Vecna Lust and “Vecnussy”

Vecna has to be one of the best and the most formidable villains ever created. From his eerie, creepy make-up to his Freddy Krueger-esque modus operandi of toying with his victims before he obliterates them, is diabolical. Jamie Campbell Bower has outdone himself in Stranger Things with not just Vecna, but also Henry Creel and 001. Rightly so, the audience has showered this deserving big bad villain with a lot of love on the internet. Bower also got a lesson in internet slang owing to the fans of the show.

‘Vecnussy’ stumps Jamie Campbell Bower

Recently, Netflix tweeted a hilarious video of Jamie Campbell Bower watching a compilation of Stranger Things memes, thirst tweets, and videos. He also gives his reactions and 2 cents to every post with his witty and quirky style that is sure to leave us all in stitches. From Vecna-inspired cosplay and fan dances as 001 to quick-witted captions and memes, the clip is a complete laugh riot.

While going through the reel, one word that constantly perplexed Campbell was “Vecnussy”. A TikToker @jack.wright dressed as 001 captioned his dance video with “pops vecnussy“. Trying to take cues from context, Bower tries to interpret the strange slang. “The Vecnussy, is that the b**t cheeks?”, he questions. “If that’s the case, I’m very grateful.“, he adds.

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Another fan @junkintherain tweeted a screenshot showing his Wi-Fi name as vecnussy with the heading “Finally, vecnussy is online.” Initially shocked by the action, Bower retaliated with an even wittier quip. “I’m gonna change by phone name to vecnussy and I’m gonna AirDrop people pictures of Vecna’s b*m cheeks.” 

After coming across the term several times, Campbell finally stopped and expressed his confusion. “My vecnussy, what is it? I don’t even know where it is. I don’t know what it is.” Deciphering as he goes, Campbell assumes it means to give your all to something. He comments, “I put all of, as much as I had of my Vecnussy into Stranger Things.

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Bower Reacts to Stranger Things Co-stars and Vecna Memes

The reel also featured a Netflix Geeked video of Joseph Quinn and Maya Hawke playing Kiss, Marry, Kill. When Joseph Quinn (Eddi Munson) chooses to kiss Vecna, a surprised host questions Quinn’s choice. “You’re going to kiss Vecna?” Lusting over the antagonist, Maya Hawke and Joseph Quinn immediately chime in with, “Have you seen Jamie?“. “He’s beautiful, ” Quinn adds. Overwhelmed by the love, Jamie Campbell reacted with a heartfelt “That’s such a lovely thing to say.

Apart from the several vecnussys, the clip also had some absurd yet entertaining other memes. A TikTok by @l1sa3dits shipped Vecna and Chrissy juxtaposed with a love ballad “You belong to me” playing in the background. Jamie Campbell laughs uproariously and comments, “That is so dark and I’m really obsessed with it… Chrissy and the V-man together forever

Another fan @rixoedits posted the popular Drake Meme of Vecna vs. 001 on Instagram, basically shunning Vecna and loving 001. This made Campbell react with the most savage line in the entire reel. Defending his evil persona, Vecna he says, “If you can’t have me at my Vecna, you don’t deserve me at my One.”

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Do you think Jamie Campbell Bower will even find the true meaning of Vecnussy? Share your favorite Vecna memes in the comments and re-watch your beloved force of evil on Stranger Things streaming on Netflix.

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