Eddie Munson’s Tattoos Were Foreshadowing The Stranger Things Season 4 Finale all This While? Fans Have Their Say

Eddie Munson’s Tattoos Were Foreshadowing The Stranger Things Season 4 Finale all This While? Fans Have Their Say

They say one’s body is their journal and the tattoos are their story. Indeed, tattoos hold a significant meaning in one’s story of life. They tell those deep secrets that are otherwise too hard to dig. And guess Duffer Brothers understand this so well. Right from Eleven to Eddie, each of the characters of Stranger Things with a tattoo has had an interesting story to tell. There are always subtle hints in a drama that suggest what the future holds for a particular character. And art is a perfect way to convey them. All we need to do is to unfold the secrets that lie. While El’s tattoo was a rather easy one to understand, Eddie’s tats were sadly ignored until now.

Recently, a die-hard fan of this gore drama took to Twitter to share a mind-blowing theory that may even startle the Brothers themselves. Hence, without much ado, let’s dive deep into this fan theory.

Tattoos Eddie had hinted at his fate in Stranger Things season 4 finale a long ago!

Do you remember the inked arm of Eddie in Stranger Things? Exactly! He had a Metallica tattoo and a tattoo that resembled flying bats. Some fans even call him Batman for various reasons. While there have been multiple fan theories revolving around the finale of season 4 of the series, this one will put you into a state of deep realization.

In the Stranger Things season four finale, we see Eddie playing the Metallica song, Master of Puppets, and soon after that bat-army of Vecna takes him down. The lyrics of this song that Eddie rocked on his guitar also suggest a lot of things about his death. And the Metallica tattoo on his arm shows a skeleton dancing on his masters’ beats. Hence, how Eddie’s gonna die in the season was decided even before his arrival. Further, his flying bats’ tattoo just aptly adds to this theory. From the day he started playing Dungeons and Dragons, it was hinted that Vecna’s little vampires will take him away!

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Yes, we can understand you. Even we wished that there was a way to save him from Vecna’s trance if all this was known a long ago. And maybe there is. Stay tuned with us to know more about the fate of Eddie in Stranger Things. While we do it, you can turn the notification of our site and follow us on Twitter to stay up-to-date.

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