Ed Sheeran Surprising Cameos in Shows and Movies Like the One in Red Notice

Ed Sheeran Surprising Cameos in Shows and Movies Like the One in Red Notice

Ed Sheeran has become a pop-up advertisement that no one can predict. The singer-composer can surprise you when you are binging on movies or series. But most recently, Ed Sheeran had a cameo in Red Notice, and fans wouldn’t have thought about it in their wildest dreams.

We have made a list of Ed Sheeran’s previous acting stints. And once you reach the end of the list, you would consider him more of an actor, as he has some serious range in his roles. With the amount of experience Ed has, he could do a musical like tick, tick… BOOM!

Ed Sheeran’s cameo

When Ed Sheeran shouts at the guards, telling them he had a role in “Game of Thrones,” he wasn’t lying. But since the epic fantasy show had such a dismal last season, fans forgot that the show surprised them in the 7th season. Ed appears in the first episode as a soldier in the mighty Lannister army, whose singing (understandably) attracts Arya Stark.

The show’s executive producers later revealed how Maisie Williams was a big fan of the British singer. They had tried to get the singer for earlier seasons, and he finally came in the 7th season.

The Simpsons

The animated sitcom is currently in its 33rd season after its premiere in 1989. But the quality of the cartoon never degraded as it has introduced new guests like Ed Sheeran and has solid writing to complement it. Ed aptly played the role of Brendan, a musician who charms Lisa instantly.

Star Wars

This cameo is difficult to spot as Ed wears a costume of a stormtrooper in one movie and an alien in the other. But when the official Star Wars account shared a photo of the alien that Ed Sheeran played, fans could pick the resemblance. However, Ed Sheeran is the only individual who has two cameos in the Star Wars franchise.

Ed Sheeran in Red Notice

While Ed Sheeran performs his hit song “Perfect” at a wedding, Interpol raids the place to arrest a perpetrator. One of the security guards accidentally brushes Ed Sheeran, but the singer seems to lose his cool instantly.

Ed swings his guitar wildly to evade the guards, only to end up getting escorted off the stage. Ed even abuses the guards and tries to remind them he had a cameo in “Game of Thrones”. The entire scene will have you rolling on the floors.

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Let us know in the comments which cameo of Ed Sheeran did you spot.

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