Dwayne Johnson vs Henry Cavill Again? The Two Giants May Collide in Another Dreamy Encounter, Despite Broken DCEU Dreams

Dwayne Johnson vs Henry Cavill Again? The Two Giants May Collide in Another Dreamy Encounter, Despite Broken DCEU Dreams

Will Henry Cavill and Dwayne Johnson face off against each other again? Cavill was undoubtedly the best fit for playing Superman all these years. But he broke many hearts by announcing his non-return to the DC world as Clark Kent. Apparently, the company is going through changes as they plan their next decade, which led to the scrapping of plans.

Both Cavill and Johnson have found success in their career, giving several hits. While seeing them together in DC again is a slim chance, they could face each other for another franchise. Just like ‘The Rock’ convinced him to get on Black Adam, he could likely find a space for both of them in a spin-off movie.

Dwayne Johnson could be seen with Henry Cavill again, but with roles reversed

While DC may have other plans, people’s love for Henry Cavill has not gone anywhere. Trusting Cavill in his ability is his Black Adam co-star Dwayne Johnson. As per fandomwire, the Superman actor could join Johnson for the movie Hobbs and Shaw.

The film was a 2019 comedy action starring the Jumanji hero alongside Jason Statham. While Johnson’s role was positive, Cavill would likely be seen in a negative role if the movie happens. Despite playing a hero in so many movies so far, the former Witcher actor effortlessly played the negative role of August Walker in Mission Impossible: Fallout alongside Tom Cruise.

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Hobbs is an integral part of the Fast and the Furious franchise. Since the character was well-liked, a spin-off movie named Hobb and Show was released, focusing on Johnson and Statham’s character. A sequel for the movie was in talks but was kept on hold due to Jonhson’s busy schedule during the shoots of Black Adam.

Black Adam was clearly not as successful as expected. But Johnson has remained positive nevertheless, and the team was appreciated for the efforts they put into making the movie.

While there is no guarantee of him being seen with Cavill in Hobbs and Shaw, there is always hope. Would you like to see them together on screen again? Comment your thoughts.

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