Dwayne Johnson Invites the Brunt of the DC Management Owing to Henry Cavill’s Hyping and His Wild Claims of Involvement With the Future of DCEU

Dwayne Johnson Invites the Brunt of the DC Management Owing to Henry Cavill’s Hyping and His Wild Claims of Involvement With the Future of DCEU

With a lot of changes going on in the DC Studios, the new bosses, James Gunn and Peter Safran are implementing a new vision for the universe. However, in the process of rebooting the universe, many popular films have been canceled, including Man of Steel 2 starring Henry Cavill as Superman. Despite his cameo in Black Adam, we might not see the sequel. Although Dwayne Johnson has been speaking openly about the return of Superman even before the release of Black Adam. His claims about the future of Superman made the DC management uncomfortable.

As Henry Cavill came back as Superman, his fans became optimistic about the most awaited film, Man of Steel 2. Since the English actor left the groundbreaking show, The Witcher, fans assumed the DCEU has planned something bigger for their favorite superhero. But, the new leadership has planned something else. But Dwayne Johnson’s claims of getting more of Superman are making things harder for the DC management.

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Dwayne Johnson hypes Henry Cavill, and it burns the DC management

Johnson said he had been campaigning for the return of Cavill as Superman for years. When the filmmakers were planning to bring Superman back in Black Adam, the former chairman of Warner Bros. Pictures was against it. However, Dwayne Johnson went over his head to the Warner Bros. Pictures CEOs, who ultimately approved the return. Since then, The Rock has been hyping about Cavill’s return. He even teased the idea of Black Adam and Superman’s inevitable face-off in the future.

And this is the reason the DC management is not happy with the Black Adam star. Reportedly, Cavill has shot a cameo for The Flash movie as well. But the authorities are not sure whether or not to keep the cut in the film. If they would keep it, it might suggest they would plan something bigger for Superman. Well, the new plan has kept many movies and sequels aside, including, Man of Steel 2. Therefore, there is a lot of uncertainty going on in the DC Universe.

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Amidst the chaos, Cavill even showed his excitement about sitting with the new leader, James Gunn, and discussing the future of Superman. We are not sure if it happened or not, but not getting Man of Steel 2 is surely heartbreaking for many of the readers. What are your thoughts about this? Will Dwayne Johnson face any consequences for his wild claims?

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