Duffer Brothers Relate Stranger Things Season 4 Themes With Their High School Time: “And that’s represented…”

Duffer Brothers Relate Stranger Things Season 4 Themes With Their High School Time: “And that’s represented…”

While a lot of us enjoyed high school to no end, there are apparently many more who didn’t. We often see the period being depicted as quite unpleasant in almost all movies and series. Stranger Things is also no exception to this as we watch The Party, a group of social outcasts, dealing with high school, which especially gets worse in season 4.

It is obvious that the plot will have some influence from the creators’ personal lives, but when The Duffer Brothers compared their time in high school to this character in the upcoming season of the Netflix Original, we couldn’t help but let out a chuckle before it hit us how much we relate to the same.

Stranger Things season 4- a season as dark as high school

No, this cliche title wasn’t our idea. It is a take on The Duffer brother’s words. The duo talked about the change in the dynamic we will witness in the upcoming season of Stranger Things. Matt Duffer commented, “It’s darker in terms of the themes we explore — the kids are moving into high school, and for us, high school was a dark time.

While the Netflix Original has always had some great antagonists, from Brenner to The Mind Flayer, Vecna in the trailer alone overshadows them all. The new villain seems extra sinister, creepy, and calculating. This alone makes him the worst villain we have seen so far, without even considering his powers, which are highly likely to surpass all precedents.

While we are in the dark about Vecna until the release of Stranger Things season 4, the people who know what’s going to happen in this season are The Duffer Brothers. Matt again commented on how “dark” high school was for the duo and said, “that’s represented this season by the monster Vecna. We are trying to evoke all the monsters that scared us the most as kids.”

Hence, when we finally stream the Netflix series and watch the characters struggle, we know that we will be seeing something very personal. Art indeed involves a creator putting into it a lot of what’s personal to themselves into a piece of work that an audience will see and hopefully resonate with.

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Stranger Things season 4 will be available for streaming on May 27, 2022.

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