Dua Lipa Levitates the Temperature With Boots and Bikini in Shivering Cold

Dua Lipa Levitates the Temperature With Boots and Bikini in Shivering Cold

The weather is changing from snow-clad winters to sizzling summers, and Dua Lipa has found a way to be right in the middle of the two. The Levitating singer has won several accolades in her name in a short time. While her music is much loved among people of age, she is known for things beyond her musical talents.

Those qualities are her X- factor during performances, and she is known for her style. The fashionista dazzled in a low-cut shimmery dress during the New Year, taking the internet by storm. And now, the singer is giving inspiration again with a new and unique look that shows off her fit physique.

How Dua Lipa absolutely rocked in her own unique style

Dua Lipa knows how to raise the temperature. The 27-year-old singer is known for her stylish looks that she carries effortlessly. As per Cosmopolitan, the singer recently posted a photo of herself in a hot and super stylish look. With the winter going away slowly, the artist put up a perfect mixture of cold and hot weather that had a quirky but cute vibe to it. She wore a huge pair of Hello Kitty boots with white fur and paired it with a white bikini.

The look was completed with golden hoop earrings and with hair tied in a pony. But perhaps the best part of the look was her catty expression. The photo was captioned “Jolly Gooood.” However, this is not the first time that she has worn a bikini. In fact, LifeAndStyleMag reported that the Love Again singer has been captured multiple times in white, black, green, and even crocheted bikini.

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Her 87 million plus followers are often blessed with socially active singers’ posts. The singer is known for mixing her workouts right from pilates, boxing, yoga, etc. As for her career, she has already won several Grammys and performs on tours worldwide. She has now made it to the list of co-chairs by Anna Wintour for the 2023 Metropolitan Museum of Art. She is expected to dazzle with one of her fashionable looks during the Met Gala.

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