Drive to Survive Season 4 Just Got the Perfect Script

Drive to Survive Season 4 Just Got the Perfect Script

After the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix, Verstappen fans will be on cloud nine in contrast to Hamilton fans. However, fans of the high-octane sport have a silver lining or a bonus depending on whom you were supporting. Netflix’s docuseries Formula 1: Drive to Survive season 4 has received a booster shot with the debatable end.

“Drive to Survive” follows the drivers, the team principals, and the owners of various F1 teams on and off the track. This season has ensured that more chaos between the pit walls and the stewards reaches us through the radios.

What to expect from season 4?

The 2021 season has been one of the rare seasons, with competition stretching out to the last race and the last lap. Previously, in the history of Formula 1 only five times, the result of the last race has decided the championship winner. Thus, Netflix will be eager to cash in on such a rare event which was hinted at by the tweet of Netflix UK & Ireland after the race.


We might get to see the drama behind the scenes since the season has been full of controversies. A lot of drivers are shifting from one team to another, with some going permanently out of the job for the next season. Kimi Raikkonen has retired from F1 racing, so fans can expect a farewell episode dedicated to ‘The Iceman‘.

Release date of Drive to Survive season 4

Formula 1 was always interesting but also a bit complex for a new viewer. However, with the arrival of Drive to Survive, the sport’s viewership has been on the rise. Thanks to the exclusive behind-the-scenes footage, the fans connect more with the drivers and understand their struggles.

Looking at the response to Drive to Survive, Netflix had already announced season 4 of the docuseries on August 26. Usually, the new season of the docuseries drops right before the new season of F1. Thus fans can expect the new season a week or two before March 20, 2022, when the 2022 season of F1 begins in Bahrain with the Bahrain Grand Prix.

The docuseries have Americanized the sport to a large extent. Netflix CEO Reed Hastings has acknowledged the popularity of the sport in the US. The CEO is even considering buying the broadcast rights of the sport in the US.

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