Dress Like the Duchess! Choose From Meghan Markle’s Top Cuyana Picks to Get That ‘Royal’ Modern Minimalist Look

Dress Like the Duchess! Choose From Meghan Markle’s Top Cuyana Picks to Get That ‘Royal’ Modern Minimalist Look

Unlike the grandeur and extravaganza of other members of the royal family, the Duchess of Sussex, Meghan Markle keeps her wardrobe low-key yet unquestionably classy. Ever since she stepped into the family, her style of dressing, color choices, and dress picks have made it evident that Markle is not a big fan of ongoing fashion trends and lavish designs. Instead, she set her own trend among the royal fans with her unique minimalist yet modern attires

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As she once confessed herself, the Duchess is also not a big fan of vibrant colors. She would always prefer dark and subdued colors with a knack for perfection. Her signature picks include some of the most alluring white button-downs, a polished flat pair, and the other neutral pieces that the Duchess slays. As Town&Country reported, Markle gets all of her sophisticated staples from a San-Francisco-based fashion brand named Cuyana. 

Top affordable picks by Meghan Markle

Known by its motto, “fewer, better” its collection is sustainably made and is designed to last. It is no wonder that Markle had got her hands on one of the most reliable and easy-go brands to use. Some of its collection has caught much attention through the Meghan Markle effect. 

To name a few, she first appeared with a saddle bag in public in the year 2018, following which she kept rocking outfits like the stylish anorak jacket, a solid cardigan, and a fedora. Some of the Duchess’s classics that are still available on the site to purchase are the Cuyana Wide Brim Panama Hat. 

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Handwoven in Ecuador, the adjustable piece comes with a stylish ribbon to match your subdued hues. Adding to it is a Cuyana Pleat Back Anorak jacket which the Duchess wore during the 2022 midterm elections. The same caught many eyes as she had also put the water-resistant topper while taking her eldest Archie to school. 

Markle strives for public welfare with her personal collection 

Another classic would be Markle’s Cuyana Wool Cashmere short wrap coat. By now, everyone is pretty much aware that the Duchess adores wrap coats. Every time she makes a public appearance, stunning wrap coats have now become a common sight for the fans. Needless to say, Tote bags are Markle’s all-time favorites. 

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The Duchess reportedly had a collection of 500 tote bags which she gave away last year in charity. Time and again, Meghan Markle has always channeled her love of outfits into her passion for helping those in need. Her Smart Women endorsement and many such campaigns have always been donating clothes and accessories to people, especially women looking for work employment. 

What do you think of Markle’s top picks? Are you going to try some of them soon? Let us know in the comments below. 

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