DREAM COME TRUE? Channing Tatum Reveals Raunchy Details About His ‘Non-Penetrative S*x’ With Salma Hayek

DREAM COME TRUE? Channing Tatum Reveals Raunchy Details About His ‘Non-Penetrative S*x’ With Salma Hayek

Channing Tatum himself is a dream man for many female fans all around the world. However, the Step Up star has had a huge crush on one of the most admired actresses, Salma Hayek. The sizzling duo would appear in Magic Mike’s Last Dance together. While talking about the film and his experience of working with Hayek, the American actor revealed raunchy details about non-penetrative s*x scenes from the film.

Magic Mike’s Last Dance is the third and last installment of the film series. While Warner Bros. will theatrically release the film on February 10, 2023, the actors are promoting it. While promoting the film together, the actors revealed many of the experiences they had during the film’s production. However, this detail about The Vow actor would surprise you.

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Channing Tatum got to make his dream come true in his upcoming film

As his latest film, Magic Mike’s Last Dance is about to hit theaters, the actor had an interview with Vanity Fair. In his interview, the actor opened up about many aspects of his personal and professional life. While talking about the upcoming comedy-drama film, the actor expressed his excitement and opened up about how he felt while shooting the non-penetrative s*x scene with Salma Hayek.

While it might be a little awkward for many actors, Tatum revealed it was a comfort zone for him. He also revealed, “I mean, she was one of my first crushes.” While talking about this scene, the former manager of Tatum, Peter Kiernan, said they caught the Fifty Shades wave.

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Well, seeing the 21 Jump Street actor in the best shape of his life (as he revealed), it would be hard to resist him. While one of the most admired actresses, Salma Hayek enjoys a large fan following. The Lost City actor got to live his dream by working with his first crush.

Well, are you also excited to watch the film on the 10th of February? Till then, let us know what you would do if you get a chance to be with your first crush ever. Share your imaginary scenarios with us in the comment box below.

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