“Draw me like one of your French girls”: Jamie Campbell Bower Brings Titanic’s Rose to Life but in Vecna’s Style

“Draw me like one of your French girls”: Jamie Campbell Bower Brings Titanic’s Rose to Life but in Vecna’s Style

Stranger Things season 4 wasn’t short of a cinematic masterpiece. Impeccable writing, tight storytelling, stunning cinematography, and some amazing performances, it was a complete package. One person, though, completely stole the show and knocked it out of the park. We are obviously talking about Jamie Campbell Bower. The most recent addition to the show, he started by playing the kind orderly at Hawkin’s lab, guiding Eleven. The slow and steady unfolding of the story revealed he is 001, Henry Creel, and of course, the big, bad, Freddy Krueger-esque, Vecna. 

With the ‘making of Vecna’ video doing the rounds, the fans knew that Vecna’s look from Stranger Things had minimum CGI. It was mostly prosthetics and heavy make-up, with just a smidge of generated imagery for the moving parts of Vecna. What shocked the fans the most was the voice. Jamie Campbell Bower himself did the menacing voice of Vecna. Even the Duffer Brothers believed Campbell to be possessed during the nerve-chilling voiceover session. A true testament to his talent!

Jamie Campbell Bower brings out Vecna’s romantic side

Bower recently appeared on The Tonight Show hosted by Jimmy Fallon. For someone dubbed as the “scariest character ever seen“, Jamie Campbell Bower sure is an amazing sport. In a fun and downright hilarious segment uploaded on Twitter, he channeled his inner Vecna and delivered some of the most iconic dialogues from cinema. He started with one of the most romantic lines from Love Actually: I’m just a girl standing in front of a boy asking him to love her.

A quote that took the cake and left everyone in fits of laughter was from Titanic. “Jack, oh, Jack. I want you to draw me like one of your French girls.” We’re sure Jimmy Fallon and the studio audience imagined Vecna in all his tentacular glory lying on the lounger posing for his tastefully drawn nude portrait. Cue My Heart will go on by Celine Dion and the giggles will not stop. We’re talking hysterical, high-pitched giggles with tears!

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Vecna embraces pop-culture

It was an absolute delight to see Bower’s absolutely seamless and effortless transformation into Vecna. And boy, did they not stop at romantic scenes. Vecna also gave his two cents on his favorite breakfast cereal with the tagline “I’m cuckoo for cocoa puffs.” He even motivated himself by saying, “I am strong. I am beautiful. I am kind.” Even murderous antagonists need “daily affirmations” to overcome their hidden insecurities.

If that wasn’t enough, Bower, as Vecna, also conquered the musical world. Bringing the oh-so-popular words by Lizzo to life, Vecna rapped, “In a minute, I’ma need a sentimental man or woman to pump you up. Feeling fussy, walkin in my balenci-ussy’s tryna bring out the fabulous.A complete laugh-riot, Fallon actually got up from his seat and bellowed, “That is how you do it.” What we wouldn’t do to hear the full rendition of Lizzo’s About Damn Time by Vecna.

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Which was your favorite ‘Vecna-cized’ quote? Tell us in the comments more quotes, dialogues, and songs you would like Jamie Campbell Bower to reenact in his terrifying Vecna tone. Re-watching Stranger Things will be a whole other experience after this clip, don’t you agree?


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