“Don’t talk about my mom”- When ‘Barbie’ Actress Margot Robbie Sent Out a Warning for Will Smith in a Game of Insults

“Don’t talk about my mom”- When ‘Barbie’ Actress Margot Robbie Sent Out a Warning for Will Smith in a Game of Insults

The legendary actor Will Smith and one of the sought-after Hollywood actresses Margot Robbie share a pleasant history with each other. The two have crackling chemistry with one another and they have managed to light up the screen during all their collaborations. Notably, the fresh pair of Smith and Robbie first graced the big screen with the 2015 crime-drama Focus. 

Their second project came next year with the superhero film Suicide Squad, which formed a part of the DC Extended Universe. The masses have appreciated Will Smith and Margot Robbie’s on-screen chemistry. However, the rumors of their alleged relationship also floated in the industry in 2013. Recently, a video grabbed the attention where Margot can be seen issuing a warning to the King Richard actor to not talk about her mom. 

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Will Smith on the receiving end 

While promoting their DC film in 2017, Will Smith and Margot Robbie made an appearance on the BBC’s latest episode of Playground Insults. The Barbie star did a marvelous job in insulting her costar, as she didn’t mince her words. She started the show by pointing out how Smith’s ears stick out so much that they can be used as antennas for Wi-Fi at her mom’s Australian house. 

The insult prompted Smith to retaliate with a mom joke, but he stopped himself due to a warning by the actress, “Don’t you talk about my mom. She’s going to watch this.”

Following the advice of his co-actor, Will Smith tried to control his tongue as much as he could. However, towards the end, he went into the forbidden territory and made a joke, saying Robbie was talking so much negativity about him as he slept with her mother. The actress took the insult in the game spirit as she was quick to come up with a reply saying, “Yeah, well, she didn’t even bother to call you back. She thought your nickname was Big Willie but turns out (laughs), she felt so misled by that nickname.”

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The entire episode was all in fun and games for both Smith and Robbie, as they took everything in a humorous spirit. What are your thoughts about the hilarious episode? Share in the comments.

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