Don’t Look Up Release Time on Netflix in Different Countries and Regions

Don’t Look Up Release Time on Netflix in Different Countries and Regions

Don’t Look Up is a new upcoming movie on Netflix, which is based on real occurrences that have not occurred yet. The film stars Leonardo DiCaprio and Jennifer Lawrence as leads. Both men are astronomers who are on a mission to tell the world about a comet that may collide with our planet. The duo goes on a huge press tour to warm the world about the coming calamity. While they are sure that this can destroy life as we know it, no one takes them seriously. Interesting?

But when can you watch this movie? What is the release time for Don’t Look Up?

Written and directed by Academy Award winner Adam McKay, the film boasts a great cast as well; including Jonah Hill Mark Rylance, Ron Perlman, Timothée Chalamet, Ariana Grande, and Scott Mescudi (aka Kid Cudi). Himesh Patel, Melanie Lynskey, Michael Chiklis, and Tomer Sisley are also in the movie.

Don’t Look Up Netflix Release Time – All Around the World

The Netflix Original movie will release just a day before Christmas, but the question remains: AT what time will it air? Well, do not worry, as we are here to tell you the release timing for Don’t Look Up all around the globe. We know the movie is going to be released at 1:30 pm GMT, but what about the other time zones?

Don’t Look Up Release Time in the Americas

USA – PST – 05:30 am

USA – EST – 08:30 am

Mexico – 07:30 am

Chile – 10:30 am

Brazil – 10:30 am

Argentina – 10:30 am

Alaska – AKST – 04:30 am

Mountain Time Zone – MST – 06:30 am

USA Midwest – CDT – 07:30 am

Release Time in Europe

England – BST – 01:30 pm

France – CEST – 02:30 pm

Germany – CEST – 02:30 pm

Italy – CEST – 02:30 pm

Spain – CEST – 02:30 pm

Greece – EET – 03:30 pm

Don’t Look Up – Release Time in Asia

Don’t Look Up Netflix release time in Asian countries:

Israel – IDT – 03:30 pm

India – IST – 07:00 pm

South Korea – KST – 10:30 pm

Japan – 10:30 pm

Turkey – TRT – 04:30 pm

Malaysia – MYT – 09:30 pm

Hawaii – HAST – 03:30 am

Release Time in other parts of the world

Australia – AEDT – 12:30 am, next day

New Zealand – NZDT – 02:30 am, next day

South Africa – SAST – 03:30 pm on November 24

Kenya – EAT – 04:30 pm on November 24

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